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    That Martin Taylor thread from the other day got me interested in adding more walking bass to my chord melodies. What are some good resources (books, websites, etc) to start learning chord melodies that include a walking bass?

    Also, any pointers to walking bass "cliches" or people's favorite patterns would be of great help.

    Thanks in advance everybody! And stay healthy and tuneful...


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    This is a good start

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    Also Martin Taylor's book Beyond Chord melody has a whole chapter on adding bass lines to your chord melodies. It's a great book.

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    I found Sean McGowan's walking bass course from Truefire to be exceptionally good. Lots of interesting technique tips as well.

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    Ditto on Dirk's material, I also agree with the Sean McGowan recommendation, and Martin Taylor has a book just on building walking bass lines. Available via Amazon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fep
    This is a good start
    Great video, thanks!

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    The Martin Taylor guitar Method book has lots of good advice.

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    as a drummer, who has played with a lot piano players and guitar players who start walking if there is another soloist and no bass, the absolute most important thing is to not slow down or drag. you can tell right away when the walker is putting more energy into getting a correct walking line instead swinging the heck out of the walk

    i would seriously suggest pulling out miles davis four and more and walk your bass lines against that , a month of daily up tempo bass walking will tighten you up for the bandstand . being able to handle up tempo will give your walk a nice desirable bounce when you play medium tempo

    it can be effective if you dont drag, remember, the bass is the cross between rhythm and harmony.

    but if you cant pull the bow taut , and lay down a blistering bob cranshaw gorila walk ( as dizzy said that of cranshaw), better to lay down solid block chords , it holds the time down really well.

    there ara also some slick bravum jinka bell ketu candomble tricks that would take an average bass walk into another leval ,and put that bounce into it , but, that is another thread i guess

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    What bons says about walking bass I would also say is true of swing rhythm guitar.

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    This book by Steven Mooney might be worth a look. (A second volume covers rhythm changes in 12 keys.)

    Walking Bass Lines for Guitar: The Blues in 12 Keys - Steven Mooney - Google Books

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    After seeking material for walking bass, I found this Walking Bass Lines For Guitar. It is practical and not too easy. Thank you Dirk!

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    Also Randy Vincent's section on Walking Bass in his Three-Notes Voicings and Beyond.
    offers good patterns to start with and to expand to develope your own approach.
    One thing about is that in my opinion his method requires already solid general background and a teacher to guide through.