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    As you may know, João Gilberto died last July 6. In addition to being one of the best performers of bossa nova, João was also responsible for bringing to the music scene many songs that were composed before the emergence of bossa nova. Songs like "Aos pés da cruz" (Zé da Zilda & Marino Pinto -1942), "Rosa morena" (Dorival Caymmi - 1942), and "Morena boca de ouro" (Ary Barroso - 1941) are some examples of songs that are famous due to Gilberto's recordings.

    "O pato" was part of the repertoire of the group “Garotos da Lua” since the late 1940s. However, they never recorded the song and it would probably remain unpublished if João Gilberto, the former vocalist of the group, had not fallen in love with the song and had made a point of recording it in his second album.

    Jayme Silva (1921-1973), one of the composers of this song, worked as a shoemaker in the Army and was a pandeiro player and a casual composer in his spare time. He used to go out with Maria, his future wife, in the central zone of Rio de Janeiro where there was a little lake where ducks used to gather while quacking loudly. He used to say that he would still create a song for those ducks. And this indeed happened when he composed together with Neuza Teixeira the samba “Aves no samba”. Title that was changed to “O pato” by suggestion of João Gilberto.

    Here in Brazil we will miss João Gilberto and his art for a long time.

    A student of mine suggested that I write a solo arrangement for this song and would like to share it with you. I hope you enjoy it.

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    Great arrangement rcandro! Nicely played, and lovely sounding guitar too! Deserves more listens. Thanks for sharing and for the interesting information as well.

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    Yeah, O Pato is one of my favorite Bossas. I posted a clip about a month ago. Lot of things going on rhytmically in the melody. Never gets old.
    RIP Joao

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    Yes, there was another thread previously posted. Life has been complimented by bossa nova. I'd love to go back in time and experience bossa nova in Brazil during the height of its popularity!

    RIP João Gilberto
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    Bravo - excellent solo guitar arrangement of O Pato!

    I hope you're performing your bossa nova guitar solos out at restaurants.

    People need to hear memorable pieces like that!

    Steven Herron

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    Terrific! O Palo translates to "The Duck"