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    Quote Originally Posted by lawson-stone View Post
    I've tried some of the double time feel as well. But frankly the chords needed to harmonize the melody are hard for me to finger so my double-time efforts have tended to collapse.

    The real problem with your video is it's backwards so I have to listen to it in reverse.

    So Paul McCartney actually rises from the dead at the end.
    Hah. Yes. New phone, and I'm still learning how it works. I guess it's an improvement over the out of sync audio/video of the last one.

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    Joey Defranceso takes care of the “too much space” issue with 6/8 feel. Or maybe I should call it a slow swing? Anyway, I like it. But of course, his organ has infinite sustain. That’s hard to emulate on solo guitar!

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    Here's another approach, giving the audience a chance to "play name that tune" ...


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    I admire what everyone who has posted in this thread has accomplished. I grew up very much viewing "rhythm guitar" and "lead guitar" as mostly disconnected skills. This was a tough tune to work through for me primarily because of the tempo. In the end, my "arrangement" doesn't really work too well on its own, but I found my "solo" guitar approach on this tune works with the the help of a backing track to help fill the long gaps. Now that I can play through this pretty comfortably, I will keep working on it over time and use it to develop the skill of tastefully filling in those long gaps between melodic statements.

    So dang! joe2758, what's the next tune?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wzpgsr View Post
    So dang! joe2758, what's the next tune?
    I won't have time to participate, but how about East of the Sun?
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    Quote Originally Posted by joe2758 View Post
    I won't have time to participate, but how about East of the Sun?
    I prefer West of the Moon.