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    Tea for two intro-capture-png

    I was trying to play the tea for two intro by ear with chords, on the second chord I played Db F Ab Bb, but then I checked the sheet music and there's an Eb7, which has G instead of Ab and Eb instead of F.
    I don't know too much about music theory , could someone explain me what's going on here? what's the difference?
    Thank you
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    Enharmonic notes. With a key signature of 4 flats, you would write C# F G# A# as Db F Ab Bb

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    fixed , but that's not what I was asking xD

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    Db, F, Ab, Bb spells either a Db6 or Bbmi7 chord. Often the Bbmi7 and Eb7 chord can be substituted for each other. They form a common II - V movement when played together. It’s quite possible the version you were listening to was using the Bbmi7 (or Db6) instead of the Eb7.

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    Thanks a lot . This was the answer I was looking for, I know some things but I don't know how to call them xD. Thanks