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    Hi guys!

    I've decided to start sharing the style, techniques and ideas I use when I play solo guitar concerts!
    So I am in the process of launching a Patreon page for lessons.
    Maybe you are interested in taking a look at the free lessons!

    Here you have the "Advanced series" free lesson:

    You will find the "Fundamentals series" free lesson here: Daniels Jazzguitar Toolbox is creating guitar lessons | Patreon
    I might put up a few more free ones before the Patreon only videos pop up.
    If you like it, then be sure to grab one of the 5$ spots. There is only ten of them...



    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Here's a few concepts that I use alot in my playing!

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    Hey Daniel

    I think you should work on the lighting. Your videos are pretty dark and it is hard to see what you do, especially when you get to the higher positions on the neck.

    May be you can change the camera position, open the window blinds and use daylight?

    This video has some great tips:

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    Thanks for the tips! I'll definitly work on improving the lightning.
    My intention is to upload tabs for the lessons if I get some followers on Patreon.

    I'll try to have close ups whenever I demonstrate the excersises aswell!

    Thanks again, it sure has good tips that video!

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    You may also want to include charts and PDFs of the lessons going forward.
    Jazz isn't dead. It just smells funny. FZ

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    Quote Originally Posted by SandChannel View Post
    You may also want to include charts and PDFs of the lessons going forward.
    Yes, as a Patreon you get tabs/charts depending on what fits the lesson or what you ask for.