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    Good evening,

    I know this is not the Introduction section but still, I'd like to say hello to you everyone. I'm new here, on my way to deepen my musical knowledge so I too would be able to say at one point in my life, that I can play jazz.

    But anyway, there is this thing: I'm pretty much captivated by chord melodies, studying, creating and playing them alike. And then I came upon this song - its apparently from Bob Marley (so no real jazz), called Jungle Dub.

    In this song, a classic roots dub piece, there is - or at least I suppose so - this fascinating chord melody background solo (sloppy wording).

    What I would like to ask you is, well, basically everything about it. Especially how does such a chord solo work.

    To me it seems like a chords played over solo in the same key - so no real magic. But I still somehow feel like there is more to it.

    Here is a link to the song on youtube (I didnt want to upload the song, not sure whether it is allowed here. If it is, I'd be happy to put it here for you to listen to it in better quality):
    (the actual song starts at 0:21)

    Thank you! Hope this didnt sound too silly or rude, or just plain silly!


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    There's no chord melody here. only a rhytym guitar part. It's typical Marley Rhythym on the i to the iv and an occasional move to the V.

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    Since I like Marley, I listened. I agree with John, no hint of any chord melody going on. But a cool tune. Btw, welcome to the group.

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    Oh come on, dont do this to me!

    Honestly, I'd put my hands to fire (thats a direct translation from Slovak, by the way ) for that. There IS a chord melody going on. But it's very silent and quite much in the background. Try to listen to it louder, please!

    And look for this short, high-pitched piano sounds.

    I can't be imagining this! Not this time...

    Is it possible to upload the mp3 here, then?

    And thanks for the welcome!

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    Welcome to the site. I couldnt hear anything either - just very standard Marley.

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    the only guitar part i hear is the reverb soaked rhythm guitar doing the slap mute thing, there is both an organ and a piano, and something that sounds like a steel drum or maybe xylophone buried way in the back, which might be what you're hearing, but there is nothing melodic going on with that guitar.

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    Yes indeed. What I'm hearing definitely is the piano. And that's what my question is about. Now you got me doubting about it playing chords - is it just single notes coming out of that piano? (hope not!)

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    i can't hear anything properly? any other vids?

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    Videos no, unfortunately.

    But here I upload the mp3 file. Hope this isn't against rules or anything. Else I'll quickly delete it.

    (Btw if you still cant hear it, try to pay attention at 0:24, its very hearable then!)

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    yes, i'd guess that's a piano, sounds upright, almost honky tonk like, most likely in the back of the room with no mic directly on it, just kind of comping along to the melody.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ichijou View Post
    can you pick out a specific section of time of which you find compelling, as it's hard to pinpoint a particular section of playing within the context of a full song.

    To be honest, it's the very whole song I find extremely compelling. But perhaps, I could pick the phrase which starts at about 1:03 and is basically repeating till its moved higher up.

    But at any rate, how would you characterise it? Is it chords then? Something like chord-soloing?

    Thank you for bearing with me!

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    I think you don't fully understand what a chord melody is.
    Chord melody is when a melody is played within the chords often with the top note of the chord but there are variations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Dalton View Post
    I think you don't fully understand what a chord melody is.
    Chord melody is when a melody is played within the chords often with the top note of the chord but there are variations.
    Yes, you're right. That might be the reason I always found the single notes in between chords in chord-melodies strange.

    But anyway, what is the name for a chord-only melody, or melody made purely with chords. Is there such a think or am I completely off?

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    you can use a program like audacity to isolate the section of the clip you want, then tweak the eq to make the that particular sound more audible.

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    That's still a chord melody but the main point here is that there is a real melody.

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    So you say there is none in the song?

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    it's definitely a piano, and i'd call it just a piano part--not a chord melody--to me the horns are taking the actual melody of the song.

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    Okay, but you admit that the piano part is chords only and has its very own melody, no?