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    As requested. I kept it sraightforward without too many odd chords. The notes in parenthesis are optional. I included the extensions on most of th echords for analysis

    If anybody spots any errors giva a holler
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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Thanks John, as always great stuff!


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    The tab looked good, but the standard notation was gibberish. I like stripping these tunes down to the bone ... it gives you room to stretch out and consider the possibilities.

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    Thank you John !!!!
    You are so quick . For me, it is just unbelievable how easy you are making such things.
    It is also a strong motivation.
    I will for sure work hard on that. Until I master it . It will take the time it will take.
    Ibanez AF125 AMB is a nice guitar. I feel better everyday !

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    Matt, Thanks for the compliment.

    Manu68 your welcome.

    Stackabones, sorry but I don't understand your comments about the standard notation. Considering the written notes and TAB sound the same....

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    as always, very nice John.


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    Thanks John. I have never messed with this tune before, but like many others, is on my list to spend time with.

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    Thanks John. I should be able to tackle this one without too much trouble. Stackabones, I also didn't understand what you were trying to get at. Would you please explain that? thanks.

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    Sorry 'bout that. Let's see if I can be clearer.

    The tab numbers came out just fine, but the standard notation wasn't notes and rests -- it was bizarre symbols.

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    That's odd. It looks ok when I open it here on the site. If you want I could e-mail the sibelius chart to you.

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    Tank you very much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnW400 View Post
    That's odd. It looks ok when I open it here on the site. If you want I could e-mail the sibelius chart to you.
    No need. Thanks for the offer, but I was looking at yours out of professional curiosity. The arrangement I put together is similiar (at least from what I can tell in the tabs) -- I didn't write mine out though.

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    Hello john !
    I gave it a try. It sounds great.
    I almost can play the first page.

    I say almost, because my fingers refuse to play the Emi7/ and especially the Emi(Ma7)/D#.
    Fret 1 to 5 is a little to much stretching for me without the help of someone pulling on my fingers

    I mean, this one is impossible for me

    Have you an other proposal for newbies like me, among the 26 forms here ?
    Or something else.
    Currently, I just play the three first strings + E open string on the bass string.

    I also have some difficulties with the las line of first page, but I could probably deal with that .

    Thanks !
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    Ibanez AF125 AMB is a nice guitar. I feel better everyday !

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    just a small remark : I think the "D7b5/Ab" chord name is not precise enough because if we consider it is a D7 chord, then the #5 (Bb) which is played on the G string is not mentioned.

    It could be of one the following ones but I don't know which one is the best :

    - D7(#5)/Ab
    - D7(b5,#5)/Ab
    - Bb7(#5)/Gb => this one shouldn't be used, as it doesn't emphasize the fact that it is clearly a D7 chord (dominant function)

    Sorry to be so picky


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    Hi manu68,

    for the descending line in Em, you can try this :

    x7998x => Em
    x7988x => Em/7M
    x7978x => Em7

    or that :

    xx5453 => Em
    x6544x => Em/7M
    x5545x => Em7

    By the way great job JohnW400, thank you ! You said "I kept it straightforward without too many odd chords", do you think you could show us a maybe more complex version please ? I sometimes play this tune but I can't find "hip" chords to put on it except quite similar ones to yours, which is ok of course but I'd like to see what can be done

    Anyway thanks again

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    Sure. But it has some moving voices so it will take me a bit longer to notate.

    The version I normally play is one that I 'borrowed' from Harry Leahey. It appears on the Phil Woods CD, "Song for Sysiphus". (It's not a 100% transcription but I use his chords and ideas) It has lots of chromatic lines that mimic the decending melody in bar one.

    The toughest part is the decending line that follows Gma7, C13b9, Fmi7,Bb13b9 to the Ebmi7. ( I didn't name those on the chart for space reasons)

    As far as the D7b5/Ab it's really a D7alt5/Ab. I tend to shorten the names so that the line doesn't get clutered. After all these years I tend to think in sounds and functions rather than names.

    Manu68, try these instead for the Emi. They should work fine: xx2003, xx1003, xx0003. or x7998x, x6998x, xx0980.

    Stackabones, no problem, I figured you do your own.
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    Thank you john.
    It works better now.

    I can play the first page, but don't really want to go further before mastering it.
    I have some problems to play with the fingers. It is pretty difficult for me because I can't properly use my forefinger anymore. It is not so bad, but I need some more time practising.

    With the pick+finger it is difficult because I have never played so and I don't master the technic.

    As I can pretty well play rythm and solo with pick, and because I like to play loke that, I will try to use the pick + mutted string method. It will be a good exercise to apply The fingering I have already learnt with Mickey baker's method (maj7 - mi7, mi6 , ...)
    I will give it a try, to play the song a little like that (It is not me playing !)

    It is surely not the best version on you tube, but I would be already very happy to play it like that. It seems not impossible to me .

    Could perhaps provide us with this transcription
    Easy for you

    Otherwise, I found an other version , which seems to be perhaps easier as your version (not sure ). What do think about it ?
    Reinhart Django - ( Nuages tab )
    Ibanez AF125 AMB is a nice guitar. I feel better everyday !

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    The first version is indeed easier. You can see all the chords he's using. This should be easy for you to copy right from the video.

    The tab for the second is close but I question some of the chords where they don't match the melody. Could be this is his arraingment.

    I should have version two up by next week and then I'll be working on a chord lesson.

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    JW400 I triedyour version and watched the YT version and they're virtually the same apart from you're in G + he's in F. I looked at manu68's TAB link and it seems pretty similar too (in F maj)

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    Yes they are. "Close enough for Jazz" as they say.

    Normally I have some tunes where the chord melody I play is more arranged than improvised. However on most standards I have a 'rough idea" or a shell (as I think Mr B call's it) So that I never play it the exact same way twice. This is one of those tunes. I have one version that I sort of transcribed from Harry, and then a version that I just whipped up for the post here. If I play it tonight It may be different again.

    It's the same thing with about 85% of the stuff I post here. On some of the tunes I took the time to actually work out an arraingment (amazing grace, yesterday, Very Early, Song For Evan) then the rest are just how I played it that day. (summertime, Blue in Green, Gentle Rain).

    I'm prety sure that's exactly the way Matt, Jake H and Mr B, among others , also approach CM. some tunes are arrainged (or derranged ) while most are probably 'spur of the moment type of arraingments.
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    With your help and after seeing different versions of the sound, I begin to understand that the "right" version is the one someone play on his own, because it is perfectly adapted of the playing capacities !
    Today, I created my own version, and I was very surprised to be able to do it.
    It is about the same as the video, but different
    I have used the chords I have learned in the first lesson with mickey baker.
    I really need a few complicated chords changes to play the song.
    A real version for beginner , but well accorded to the vision I have from the song.

    I will try to record it or to make a small video . I never did that. Be patient !
    Of course I keep on working on the john version
    Ibanez AF125 AMB is a nice guitar. I feel better everyday !