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    I've been trying to work up a chord melody for My Funny Valentine recently and I finally figured out one I like but chord solo improvising over the descending bassline at the beginning is pretty difficult. Right now I'm just keeping the bassnotes with one finger and kind of doodling with the free fingers. But I was wondering... what might be some good voicings for chord soloing over that C -> Ab line cliche? Particularly over the Cm(maj7).


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    In this tune I wind up thinking G7#5 for the Cmi(ma7) to an Eb ma7 (Cmi7/Bb) to Ami7b5 to Ab ma7.

    Heres some ideas for the CmMa7

    B,F,Bb,Eb (5432) to Eb,G,B,F (5432) to F,B,Eb,G (5432) to G,C,Eb,A then G,Eb,F,Bb (5432) for the Cm/Bb.

    Another thing to consider is holding the base note and playing single notes or double stops or to play a chord and , holding whatever notes you can in place, move the melody around.

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    Dear all,


    I am not good in english.
    I like jazz music, but only guitar I can play (beginner)


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    I made one to this song actually, if memory serves me right, I just kept to the open voicing and walked the melody to that part up and down the b string.
    Though I'd have to take a look at the song to be sure.

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    Welcome to the site, Santoso

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    Try taking any inversion of Cm7 that you like, on any string set, and just walk the root down to the 6th. If you do this with a few chords you'll have a good variety of material for a chord solo.

    I like to put the moving voice on the top, bottom and sometimes in the middle.


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    There's a nice arrangement of this in the MelBay book - Jazz Guitar Standards - which does just what Matt describes. The melody is repeated with the descending line in different voices. When it finally arrives in the bass voice, it sounds so much better because you've had to wait for it.

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    much to learn here santoso....

    just pick a topic and read the posts....

    time on the instrument..pierre

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    of course, nobody says you have to do the tune in Cm!

    sometimes for chord melodies especially, it makes sense to put things in a different key. I actually do "Valentine" in A minor...If i get a chance, I'll try putting up a chart or at least a recording this week.

    I took the idea of a C minor tune in A minor from Jim Hall's "Angel Eyes" of that great live record with don thompson and jerry fuller (or was it terry clarke?) lots of fun little open string ideas you can use...

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    Hi Santoso and welcome!
    I´m not an old member here either, but I believe you will find this site very helpful and useful, no matter you´re playinglevel.