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    Hi all ..

    I am trying to play De,Barre's version of Le Gitane and am finding it difficult .As a relative beginner to Gypsy Jazz am i biting of More than i can chew ?

    How would other guitarists rate this Gypsy jazz standard .easy or extremely difficult ? The fingering i know will come but some of the phrases i am struggling to pick this common ?

    I love this piece and am going to do my best with it ..

    Any advice warmly received.



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    Ah ah, it seems there have been some messages not posted in the good threads theses days (I wrote one too !)

    Regarding your question, I play gypsy jazz for about 4 years and for me La Gitane is still a tough piece man ! If you want to practice some gypsy waltz, which is very good for technique, I suggest you begin with easier pieces, for example "Chez Jacquet", "Passion", ... Anyway it seems none of those waltz is really easy, but I think La Gitane is one of the hardest, if not the hardest !

    Romane made a CD with several waltz + playbacks + PDF (with tabs), this is pretty well done, I learned some using this CD (Passion, La Valse des Niglos, Dolores, etc...) and it's challenging but worth it. Anyway, don't take the tablatures too "literaly" (is it correct ?) because there are various possibilities to play those songs, so once you know a waltz correctly feel free to vary the fingering according to your feeling.

    Anyway, La Gitane is great to play, and I learned it from this CD too
    It is not exactly the version Angelo plays but it is very good too.

    Keep on swinging

    [Edit] By the way, maybe this thread shouldn't be in the chord-melody part ? Indeed this waltz is usually not played in CM...
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    Hi Guelda,
    Do you know the name of the cd by romane that includes the tab and playbacks ?.

    I found an authentic Tchan chou rendition of le'gitane by Stochelo rosenberg on you tube and i must say this version is a little more simple to play than Angelo's one .I downloaded the tab from a forum (11 pages )and i am at the 4th page with my task so far .Only 7 pages to go .
    Thankyou for your good advice .It,s good to find a gypsy player onboard .


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    Hi David,

    happy new year to you and to everybody on this forum !

    The name of the Romane CD is "Impair et Valse", here are the tracks :

    1. Soir de Dispute (Gus Viseur) 2’28
    2. La Valse des Niglos (Gusti Malha) 2’46
    3. La Gitane (Tchan Tchou Vidal) 2’49
    4. Mintch Valse (P. Ferret) 2’24
    5. Swing Valse (P.B Ferret/Gus Viseur) 2’21
    6. Passion (Tony Muréna) 2’21
    7. Mystérieuse (Jo Privat sur les motifs de Roger Vaysse) 2’37
    8. Dolores (Tchan Tchou Vidal) 1’52
    9. Montagne St Geneviève (Django Reinhardt) 1’58
    10. La Camarde (Romane) 2’12
    11. La Folle (P.B. Ferret) 2’31

    and you also have the playbacks for each song (you might want to slow them down at first !).

    If you like the gypsy waltz, you should purchase this great CD from Baro Ferret : "Swing valses d'hier et d'aujourd'hui"
    => [Django Station] - Pierre “Baro“ Ferret / Swing valses

    Have swing


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    Hi Guelda .

    Thanks for your prompt reply.Can you tell me if the tab is with the romane album as well as the playbacks ..?

    Hope you had a good start to your new year .


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    Yes everything is on the CD, the scores (with tabs) are in PDF format.

    Please give me some feedback if you purchase it and enjoy bro

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    Hi Guelda.

    Tried my hardest to get the cd you recommended but it seems that it is now
    out of production and not available ..
    Many thanks though!


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    I think that the transcription that was mentioned in the beginning of this thread was one that I did that I posted on Djangobooks a while ago.
    I have since put the transcription into powertab, and I have been working on other Gypsy Jazz solos, as well as an occasional melody & chord like Wes Montgomery's "While We're Young"
    I have also been doing materials for learning to solo on songs like Django's Castle, [Manoir de me reves], Lady Be Good, etc.
    I am now offering my lesson pdf's and transcriptions for $5.00 US.
    BTW, the version of La Giatane that I did uses parts of Tchan Chou and Angelo Debarre's versions to make a balanced and playable version.
    I can be reached thru this forum or thru
    Barry Warhoftig,
    Hot Club Philly

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    Many thanks for your reply to my post La Gitane.
    I sat down and learned Gitane from the tabs from your website .(powertab)

    I would be interested to look at a menu of what songs are available to learn ..Blues Claire??

    I am struggling to get these songs flowing once i learn them as i have no backing music to play to..Could you help me on this front ?.

    One again many thanks.


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