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    Hi all,
    You can see my FREE lesson posts in my blog:
    Please leave comments, suggestions, questions, etc... I update it consistantly.
    I also give classes online. I have a jazz degree from the Univ. of Miami and I'm doing this to promote guitar.
    Regards to all,


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Welcome again, Robert and thanks for the link. It looks pretty good. Glad to have you here.

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    thanks, my pleasure. congrats on a great site!

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    Hi all,
    I've been busy posting new free lessons and arrangements on my blog: I'm adding an arrangement of mine of the Jerome Kern classic "Smoke gets in your eyes". I had the entire arrangement up but it wasn't in TAB. Now I'm posting it in TAB. Check out all the other freebies there too.
    Remember if you want to see any kind of guitar related lessons or exercises leave a comment in the blog...I'll get it, and I'll post the lesson and make a refrence to you!
    I wish you all happy holidays,

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    Hi all and Happy Holidays!
    I’m adding my arrangement of “Smoke gets in your eyes” by Jerome Kern, to my blog It’s in standard notation and TAB. If you haven’t been there yet, it’s full of free lessons, exercises, explanations, how to’s…, etc…. Leave me questions, suggestions, comments in the blog and I’ll answer them. Even if you want a special lesson, let me know.
    Enjoy the site, it’s all FREE.

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    Hi everybody!
    The lessons on the pentatonic major scale and its modal application are completed. Go to my blog to see them for free.
    Do you want a particular lesson on any topic for the next lesson? Let me know in the comment section of the blog. Or leave your questions there.
    I hope 2009 is great for everyone!

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    This is my first posted!!!!! So Have a very happy new year 2009!!!!

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    try this site for a Barry Galbreath book of some 40 tunes arranged for chord melody LOTS more...

    time on the instrument...pierre...