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    Here's "Come Rain or Come Shine. I named the actual chord used as opposed to showing only the real book basic changes for better analysis .

    I also wrote an ending rather than just end on the turnaround.

    Any errors give a holler, the eyes aren't what they used to be.

    Removed 8/11/09
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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Hey John! Very nice chord melody! Coincidentally, I just got a request at my new gig earlier tonight for this tune.
    My wife & I took this new job after our trio job ended last week and it is only 1/2 mile from our home. We are very excited! We have decided to try to work as just a duo (similar to Joe & Ella). We call ourselves "the Senior Moments" and are now in the process of making a demo CD. We have always had to turn down a lot of calls for private parties (women's clubs and and other organizations) due to the steady jazz trio gig on Saturday nights. Our home town is 45% Senior Citizens and many of them grew up listening to the old standards as their "top 20" tunes. This type of gig will allow me a lot more freedom (more chord melodies) than the trio gig with the piano drums and guitar. For those of you who are interested, life can still be musical after 70 (My wife, an excellent vocalist, is 69 and I am 71).
    best wishes to all,

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    Thanks John, this is one I really need.

    Hey wiz, I'm truly jealous of your situation. I'd love to play a duo like that. When I lived in Northwest Florida about 3 years ago, I was in the same kind of area with a lot of seniors. I used to play a solo thing where I sang also in this little pizza joint one day a week after work and it was a blast. I don't think I played anything beyond 1967 and most of the stuff I did was in the 30's and 40's. Heck, I even had a following. Those were the days. Hope your new gig works out. BTW, I'm only 58 and a half years old.

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    I guess I'm one of the kids then at 50. I got tired of looking for work and listening to the club owner ask me " so how many people can you bring?" so now I only do gigs as a sideman. Besides, I've alway been a part time pro, prefering a steady check and bennies.

    Gigs in general have dried up. It's pretty tough out here. I used to play at this place close to my house. Nice little restaurant called Luna Rosa. The owner was a really nice guy. Every Friday through Sunday he had some kind of Jazz, Blues or R&B band. Good acts too like Jimmy D'Angelis, Vic Cenicola, Bob DeVos and Vic Juris played there once. Eventually he had to sell it to a couple of DJ types that turned it into a dance place. A real shame. I could walk there.

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    I love this piece John!! Wish you had a slightly easier version for those of us who are "newer" to jazz. Some of those chords are too much for me right now!

    Love the changes anyway

    Thanks Sailor

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    Which spots are you having difficulty with? I could change that F#m-B7 and make that easier. I know that ones a stretch. Let me know whcich measure numbers and I'll come up with a version for you . SInce It's already done, changes are a breeze.

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    I guess I just usually play a lot of chords in lower positions when I can, no big deal this will probably help me a lot. The 5 fret stretches are a little much but do-able. I love the work anyway - Thanks John


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    I did this after seeing Mr B's thread the melody notes won't sustain on the guitar (unless you have a synth and can set your B string to some other instrument. all the long notes are on the B string.)

    I wanted to see what I could come up with on a tune you wouldn't normally think to do an arrangment on

    edited on 10/23. changed some tab as i found some fingerings that make more sense and I changed the octave f to Eb. To much F there

    Removed 8/11/09
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    hey john--couldn't get it to open...maybe it's my computer here at work--i'll try again tonight.

    cool idea--thanks for posting.

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    After playing around with this a bit I decided to change some tab for ease of playability and one note on the F7sus. I'll post the revision tonight.

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    John-I am just a bit older than you. Can you resist the notion of a CM of 'Caroline, No.?"

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    Where have you been? I haven't seen you trolling around here for weeks. . I was starting to worry.

    I'm not familiar with that tune but I'll look to see if I have a lead sheet. I'll let you know. Right now I'm finishing up the theme from the Pink Panther. As usual it takes lomger to write out than it doe to come up with it.

    I do like Mr B's post of Embracable you. It probably took hiom about 1/100 the time to get it out there then what It takes me with Sibelius.

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    It's a Beach Boys tune. I am a west coaster from way back..I have to admit I haven't been involved here very much since Matt stopped responding to my every request for a CM. Those were Golden Days....