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Thread: Poinciana:

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    Does anyone have or know of a version of this tune played on guitar? I'd like to hear it-

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    Danny Gatton...maybe not jazz but pretty good!

    Scotty Anderson

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    Danny's jazz- Redneck jazz! thanks

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    Ahmad Jamal's trio has a recording of this tune. In the early days he used Ray Crawford on guitar but in later years he was replaced by Vernel Fournier on drums and I know there is a recording with him. However, I found this CD:

    Amazon.com: Poinciana: Ahmad Jamal: Music

    I can't listen to the sound sample here in the library, but it says Crawford is on guitar.

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    Here's George Benson with Jorge Dalto.

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    I have bought this triple CD which has several versions including one with guitar with Ray Crawford. It has a nice price also!:
    Ahmad Jamal Trio, Legendary 1958 Pershing Lounge (3cd, (sem especificar), Música. Comprar música na Fnac.pt

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    Thank you all for the clips & suggestons. paynow & jonasfixe, I have those Ahmad Jamal albums as well. Very nice versions but I want something w/more guitar.
    I did fing a Jimmy Bruno version in G on iTunes. It's pretty good.

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    Poinciana Expanded Harmonies

    Poinciana with expanded harmonies

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    Ok, check out these guys. Watch James Cammack (bass), Idris Muhammad (drums) at 3:15 when Ahmad hangs on that chord a little longer than usual. lol!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DINOEL GANDINI View Post
    Poinciana with expanded harmonies


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