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    Greetings from the UK! This is my first post, but I've lurked for a while - really great forum, some incredibly helpful people here!

    Got back in to playing Jazz again a few months ago after several years of not playing properly and this is my first chord melody arrangement. Critique very much welcome!

    I'm a huge Monk fan and absolutely love this tune!




    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Hi Rob,
    Beatifull sounding guitar.
    Nice arrangement and great playing. Not easy Monk tune.
    Right hand: pick and fingers great coordination.

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    Thanks a lot man! I'm a big fan of the hybrid picking style, just wish my legato was stronger!

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    great tune

    really nice arrangement/playing

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    I watched this before reading the comments thinking the same thing as Kris, great pick and finger coordination.....very nice indeed....beautiful guitar, what is it?

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    Nice guitar, I really like the beautiful colors on that Eastman. Nice tone from that guitar. Very nice playing!

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    Thanks for all the kind comments! Was a bit nervous about putting this video up on this forum!

    Quote Originally Posted by artcore
    beautiful guitar, what is it?
    It's an Eastman T146SM - I wish they'd give them more memorable names! I find full sized Archtops a little uncomfortable to play, so I got this model from the thinline series of guitars.

    Running that into a custom built Matamp king street 2x12" combo with some boutique effects pedals - just subtle delay, reverb and EQ.

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    Great sound, great music! Congratulations.

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    Good sounds mate

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    Nice going. Cool to arrange that for solo guitar, I really enjoyed it, the voices are balanced really well - I find that hard to do playing with pick and fingers. Love the guitar as well.

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    Great job!! Beautiful. Monk + Rouse are one of my favorite jazz pairs ever; it's great to hear this on guitar. Really well done.

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    Wow...this was great...jonny's comments exactly...few things better than monk and charlie...this was really well done.

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    Sounds great!

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    Thanks guys! This is all very inspiring to read, I'll have to work on arranging some more Monk!

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    Do you have the music sheet?

    I mean, of your arrangement

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    hey rob. i used to play in microsleeper with reese. the new edt stuff sounds great!
    really nice arrangement this!

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    I'd love to hear you play Boo Boo's Birthday.

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    Do you have the music sheet?

    I mean, of your arrangement
    Ha! I'll scribble the chord subs down when I get a minute!

    hey rob. i used to play in microsleeper with reese. the new edt stuff sounds great!
    really nice arrangement this!
    Woah!!! Hey man, not heard from you in years! Should of guessed you'd be on here! We should jam sometime! Looks like we'll be doing one last EDT gig in a couple of months with Reese, then finally put that dog to sleep!

    I'd love to hear you play Boo Boo's Birthday.
    Listening now.... Would like to do "evidence" but I don't think it'd work somehow!

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    yeah for sure. ill give you a Facebook or something when I'm back over in leeds! we should get a little duo rocking!

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    silent city rob- that was excellent. i,ll listen whenever you next play. do it again. it sounded like you were playing from the heart and not in any contrived way.very natural.

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    Thank you! I'll be sure to post up another video when I get chance to arrange something else!

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    something wrong is here... more than 4000 views, and only two likes? (including mine). Way less interesting posts, and way less ambitious performances getting dozens of likes within hours.

    yes I know these things are subject if taste, and mood and etc, but still... can anyone explain what am I missing?

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    Wonderful rendition. Thanks for sharing.
    Interestingly, Miles Okazaki released solo guitar recordings of entire Monk book and said one of his biggest challenges was that the tempo of Monk's compositions doesn't vary widely, so Miles had to find compositional ideas to compensate for that in recording the catalog sequentially.
    Also "Pannonica" was named for Baroness Katherine Anne Pannonica de Koenigswarter, who's father was a butterfly collector. Eublemma Pannonica is a rare species of moth.

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    Great !
    now you have to learn how to improvise on the tune!