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    Hi all,
    would anyone have a nice version of Moon River chord melody in a guitar friendly key. The version I play is an old one from a Mario Abril publication and is in the key of A Major and in more of a classical/piano style. I feel it really works well to play a chord melody followed by a more involved arrangement and then end with chord melody again with a few added bits.
    A sort of, state the tune, enhance the tune, perform the tune in a new light approach. If you have one, that would be great. In the meantime I'll try my hand at arranging one.



    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    I have a version (just chords), I worked out in 4/4 bossa nova style. I like the feeling much more than the original triple meter.

    I could post the chords if you want but you can just play the original chords in this style if you want to try something nice.


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    I don't have a version per se, and it's been a while since I've played it, but I think I just used the RB version ... in C iirc? Seemed like a good guitar key. Have you tried that one?

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    Thanks for the suggestions. I like the idea of a bossa style, I'll try it at once. I haven't played the other version in C and I'm not sure what you mean by RB? Stackabones.
    I have just started a chord melody arrangement of Moon River and I find that I do get a little bogged down with choosing chords. I guess that what happens is at first a chord sounds sometimes weird and really jazzy and then my ear gets used to it and then it doesn't sound jazzy enough anymore. When do you know you have the right chord? Does anyone else have this problem.


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    RB = Real Book

    btw ... if you don't like the chord or the way it sits against the melody, change it! Some of those changes in the fake books are pretty goofy and seem to be added by tin-eared substitution freaks. Here's a thread about simplifying the changes.

    Simplifying the Changes

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    It's a banner week here in the CM section. First Matt's sensational 'Time Atfer Time" then John's 'Michelle,' which is stacked full of pretty voicings...
    Also I've been playing, of all things, 'The Song is You" bossa nova style...I could dig a CM version of 'Moon River."

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    I have a chord melody shell of Moon River in G if anyone is interested.

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    Yes by all means! Please post it.

    You can post it in this thread or as a reply in the PDF thread that Matt and I have started to use if you like. The more people submitting CM's the better. I like to look at the ideas that people come up with, reharmonizations etc.

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    jOHN-I'm putting time into your CM of 'Michelle." One thing I noticed:When you write the chord 'C' I think what you really mean is a Cmaj13. That's how it looks to me...Am I wrong? It's a huge detail-the maj13 is so much nicer than just a 'C."

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    No, you are correct. The reason I don't put the exact chord name is that I prefer to show what chords can be substituted against the plain old C. The other C (with the close voice and open e string ie really Csus2/E or Em7#5. I left it as C so that it can be analized for how it functions.

    I spent so much time learning chords and concepts in college that after a while I just started remembering them as how they fuction sound wise and where I could use them.

    JOe Pass was a proponent of this kind of thing. If I recall, In one of his method books he gives the example of one chord and four different names. the notes were E,Bb,D,A (4,3,2,1)

    These 4 notes can funcion as Emi11b5, C13/E, Asus(b9), Bbma7b5, Gmi6/9, F#7(#9#5).

    4 notes and 6 ways to use them.

    Hopefully what one get's out of one of my CM's is an increased chord vocabulary and some ideas on subtitution and reharmonization. Those are the things I look for when I check out somebodies CM.

    But I'm glad you enjoy my stuff.

    If you want i can write out the real chord names for you, But I can't get to it until this weekend. The 'daytime' job keeps me a bit busy

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    thanks for the CM of Moon River jazzalta I'll look at it over the weekend.

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    John:It's fine-I just play the Cmaj13. I remember Pass said soemthing like, 'D7b9, D7#5 etc. They are all just D7s ..."
    I see what he's saying and then I don't. The nuance is missing when you have that sort of viewpoint...

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    Eventually it comes down to what type of quality you hear. I knew a piano player who used to complain if the chord chart got too involved with any number past 7. He used to like to put his own chords in. I think it was more a case of not trusting the Real Book though. A particular pet peeve was everytime he saw a 9sus chord or a b9sus. Never figured out why though.

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    tO ME, CHORDS are everything. I see an odd chord and I accept the challenge...I know of one chord though that I think is preposterous. I don't see how you can play it. It's in the Robert Yelin book, one of them.I will find it and send to you. Love to see your comment.