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    I am surprised this got past the forum and I am going to assume it is true based on the source. I could not find an obituary or anything else that really confirms this but so maybe someone help us out. One thing for sure is he made great guitars and seems I last spoke with him over the phone maybe a year or 18 months ago he was living around Nashville. He was from Australia so? In any case assuming this is correct Mark your guitars speak still and RIP.

    RIP Mark Lacey, Master Luthier - Jazz Guitar Today


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    Thank you, Deacon for making the community aware of this passing. Sad news indeed, and just on the heels of Joey D's leaving us.

    I met Mark back in the mid-80's when he had a shop on Gardner St. in Hollywood. The famous "Guitar Row" of the Sunset and Gardner area had lots of cool shops. I went in his shop and he was doing D'A replicas with lots of care.He was very kind to me and let me play everything in the shop,even though at that point I couldn't afford to order a instrument from him.

    Every guitar I've ever had the privilege to play of his has been truly fantastic. RIP.

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    Mark Lacey was a fantastic luthier ! His instruments were equal to some of the best Archtops I've ever played. I had the privilege of having one of his Premier models in the mid 90's. It was a fabulous guitar and I regret parting with it to this day. In fact, I was recently contemplating a custom build. So sad to lose this talented man.

    He was selected by Scott Chinery to particpate in the blue guitar collection.

    Attached is a link to the Blue Lacey Virtuoso......which Ted Ludwig loves. The tail pc alone is a work of art.

    RIP Mark, you will not be forgotten......

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    Mark was a lovely fellow. His death was announced by Troy Lacey on July 10th.
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    1995 Lacey Premier. Apparently formerly owned by Bruce Forman, according to Joe V's write up when he was brokering it.

    Mark Lacey guitar builder RIP-lacey-jpg

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    I met Mark at a music party at Woody Herman's house hosted by his daughter Ingrid in 1981. We became friends and he agreed to make me what he told me at the time was his first flat top guitar in 1982. I still have it. It still plays as easily as any instrument I have ever touched, and it continues to mature exquisitely and sounds marvelous. I play it all the time, but never take it out of the house for easily imaginable reasons. It is a real treasure...
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