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    Hi all,

    I've been lurking for a few months now, enjoying the information and discussions, some of which was pivotal in this build. I thought I'd post to say hello and share this build with you.

    I've been dipping my toes into the jazz world and digging Charlie Christian for the last year or two, so when I was planning my next build (number 8 for me), I knew I wanted to build something like Charlie would have used. The ES-150 would have been the obvious choice, but I wanted to shoot a little higher and try some new things build wise.

    I've been building flat top acoustics for the last few years, so I felt comfortable enough making a shot at an arch top. I'm not able to carve a top yet, so I decided to try laminating instead to start with. The videos that Grez guitars has on YouTube for pressing laminate tops was hugely instrumental in me pulling this off.

    It's not a perfect clone of an ES-250, but I'm happy enough with what I ended up with. Lots of mistakes and challenges along the way, but I learned a lot.

    - Spruce top with bear claw figure, and maple back and sides
    -17 inch wide body, slightly more than 3 inches deep
    -X braced
    -CC ES250 pickup and knobs, from the UK
    -Ebony headstock and bridge, with a ziricote fretboard
    -Grover super rotomatic tuners

    Attached Images Attached Images New guy and an ES-250 inspired build-20220805_162051-jpg New guy and an ES-250 inspired build-20220805_164603-jpg New guy and an ES-250 inspired build-20220805_164533-jpg 


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Not sure why I ended up with a mix of attachments and linked pictures, apologies for the duplicates. I had a tough time figuring that part out.

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    Welcome!! If it sounds as wonderful as it looks, you've got a real winner. That's absolutely gorgeous - we'd love to hear a sound clip or three.


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    That's a very nice looking guitar. You have skills.

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    Such a wonderful guitar! I am the happy owner of a ES-250 made by Daniel Slaman, the Dutch luthier, and your guitar looks like a sister of mine. I would love to try your guitar.

    All the best in your projects.

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    Very nice, well done.

    Id love to see a picture or two on your pressing rig

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    Welcome! Nice work. Congratulations, and play it in good health!

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    That’s making an entry! Beautiful build.

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    Thanks for the kind comments. I'll try get something recorded shortly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohanAbrandt
    Very nice, well done.

    Id love to see a picture or two on your pressing rig
    It's fairly simple. A couple molds pressed in a hydraulic press that uses a bottle jack, where the bar and piston has been removed from the press. I basically copied the same setup that Grez demonstrates on his YouTube channel.

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    looks very nice!

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    Beautiful build!

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    nice guitar, home made and looks like a professionnal luthier product !

    Congratulations and enjoy this beauty.

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    That guitar is frickin’ beautiful!

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    Apologies for not recording something sooner, it's been busy. Here's a recording of Solo Flight, with the ES250 inspired build through a Vintage 47 Spectator.

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    That looks and sounds fantastic.

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    ........Now if I may offer a suggestion for your next build - -

    Gibson Vintage Archtop Guitar | Guitars 'n Jazz

    And nice work !!

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    Hats off to you !