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    I thought of this design idea ....

    fairly simple
    turn the screw crew to convert
    a 335 type sound to a 330 type sound

    maybe put two on the guitar either
    side of the bridge

    anyone seen anything similar to this ?Hollowbody Vari-Damper-f98f471a-7143-482d-a494-d7e9cb05a4b2-jpg


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    I don't think a screw would make a noticeable difference in the electric sound of an ES 330 type guitar. It may even make it bassier by creating a more efficient coupling of the plates. Certainly it won't sound like a ES 335 which has a large solid block inside. The blocks glued inside ES 335's are almost half the size of a telecaster body

    It is relatively easy to place small blocks under the bridge of ES 330 type guitars. You get easy access to that area once you remove the bridge pickup. But the mass of the piece matters a lot. You probably need to put a very substantial mass inside the body to get close an ES 335.
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    sorry yes the 335 330 thing was a bad example ....
    but it as a quick and fully reversable
    way to couple the top to the back of a hollowbody it might be interesting

    so many people have different ways
    of making their jazz box work at
    higher volumes
    the balloons , the rags , the packing tape
    the Dougs plugs
    I use foam myself ....

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    Who knows. Send free ones to enough Instagram players and you might have the next scrunchie on the headstock dampener….thing.

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    Funny I was considering a block that may be pulled to the topwood to enable better feedback reduction when designing a 235-Tele thing. I’m not doing it, there already so much to get right.

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