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    Box closed

    And sides scraped flat, so the binding channels can be made

    On previous projects I did it this way

    But after applying a 'handle' this time I tried it like this:

    It will stay that way; it works better and easier

    Although I thought afterwards that it would work even better with this adjustment..


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    Small project-41-jpg

    Binding installed.

    Small project-42-jpg

    Small project-43-jpg

    Small project-44-jpg

    And a fretboard extension support has been made

    Small project-45-jpg

    Small project-46-jpg

    Small project-47-jpg

    Small project-48-jpg

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    Looking pretty good!

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    Thanks, citizenk!

    Small project-49-jpg

    In the meantime found some time to put the truss rod in place..

    Small project-50-jpg

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    Preparing the fretboard

    And because I want the fretboard inlay dots in the same color as the binding, I made them from a leftover binding

    Align fretboard

    and hold in place using a few small pieces of wood and hot glue

    Gluing the fretboard in place is very easy that way

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    Took the time last weekend to shape the neck

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    After shaping the headstock

    and installing the frets

    Is it time to finish this machine (sigh)
    When I look back at the guitars I've built so far (twenty or so), there isn't really a single one of which I am satisfied with the final result, and especially with the finish. However, I prepare very well, with a multitude of trials and experiments, but.. The instrument always looks best just before finishing. That's why I often thought about not applying a finish anymore.
    But already at the start of this project I had the L-30 in mind as inspiration, in a black version..

    And there you have a first obstacle: I did not expect that the plastic binding would also absorb dye (water-based, but probably also partly alcohol?). I'm not prepared to scrape the binding (I've never done this)..

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    It looks great! As for the binding, StewMac has a great little video by Tom Murphy on scraping that looks like it’ll solve your problem. Given your skills and experience, this looks like child’s play compared to what you’ve already accomplished.

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    Scraping binding is not likely to be the most fun you ever had with your pants on (or off) but it's not the least, either. Sometimes we just have to bow our heads and do what has to be done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgosnell
    Scraping binding is not likely to be the most fun you ever had with your pants on (or off) but it's not the least, either.
    That reminds me of the old blues tune “You really scrape my binding, baby!”

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    This is really cool. Love watching this come together.

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    Thanks, Mr. Beaumont!

    An old hacksaw used as a scraper.

    But instead of my thumb I used a piece of round wood as a guide.

    Works well, but needs some practice.

    Finished with a layer of Rubio oil.

    Photo looks better than reality. But I can live with it.

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    Binding looks good to me.

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    Strings and guitar still have to get used to each other

    So it doesn't sound very 'convincing' yet

    But maybe they will find each other..

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    Play it.The sound will come. Wearing out a couple sets of bronze-wound strings will help!

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    Beautiful take on a flexed or “stressed” flat top guitar.

    The bracing is quite beefy. Perhaps that is robbing you of some tone. Yes, there is about 30lbs of downforce on a typical archtop setup. Perhaps a little less with a lower bridge and lass break angle. But here is a traditional Selmer from the 30’s. Admittedly that is some of the lightest bracing I’ve ever seen on these, but it is a reference.

    Unless you take off the back, it’s probably too late to tune those braces. But perhaps for the next one!

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    The size ratio of the bracing is difficult to estimate, rlrhett. I based it on the existing Selmer building plans, but with the Selmer the bracing also gets the support of the famous 'kink' in the top, and I think you shouldn't underestimate the strength of that. I think I'll leave this guitar closed for now..

    It currently has (D'Addario) nickel bronze strings on it, citizenk74, but it will be a while before they wear out as I like to build more than play.