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    Did anyone know what could be the closest jescar's type fret for an early GIBSON SUPER 400 ?


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    you or a tech will have to pull one to check the tang width and slot width

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    I would simply get the frets you like the best. Personally I prefer bigger frets the 57110 or the 55095 depending on what you like. You cannot exactly duplicate the current fret wire just get close if that is what you like. On the refret you go with what you like. I can tell you I use Jescar fretwire almost exclusively I really like it. One benefit at least on the good side is you lose the nubs on the side but actually allows more fret room. Most players prefer this over keeping the nubs which are not worth the trouble and price usually reflected in the cost to refret.

    The advantage of bigger frets, taller certainly is allows for more fret dressings if you are hard on frets, and more room for error.

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    THS for your answer