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    hi Jay,
    Im considering putting a 24.75” neck
    on my yam pacifica strat
    with a cheapo ebay neck
    IIRC you did a similar operation to your tele build

    i think i can handle the woodworking ok

    can you advise me on how you measured up how much wood you needed to remove from end of the neck

    was your method todouble the distance from nut to 12th fret ,
    and then remove enough wood so as to
    place the neck so the string length would be located in the middle of the bridge scale length adjustment range ?

    got any more tips ?

    thanks man


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    I'm not Jay, but from your question it seems like you're missing basic vocabulary and instrument design.

    The scale is the strings length from nut to bridge. The distance from the 12th fret to the bridge needs to be exactly half that, or else you'll never get the thing in tune. Which is to say "handling the woodworking okay" isn't going to be good enough, it needs to be measured perfectly. It can be done with trial and error, and that's the way to learn if you want to get experience, better buy two necks just in case you go too far on the first, you can't put wood back after you cut it.

    Do you really need to put a 24.75 neck on this when you can buy an Epiphone Les Paul Jr with that scale for $150?

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    The total scale length needs to be 24.75” or 62.8 centimetres. A tele bridge has quite a lot of margin for intonation adjustment (at least plus and minus 1.5 cm) so I knew I didn’t have to be extremely precise.

    I fitted the neck and just measured how much surplus there was (should be about 65.5-62.3= 3.2 cm) and removed wood according to that: a bit from the neck pocket and a bit from the heel of the neck, so the neck could sink 3.2 cm deeper into the body.

    If your body is not routed for a bridge, it’s much easier to just move the bridge a little forward by 3.2 centimetres.

    But since my body already was routed for the pickups and I used a standard tele-bridge I had to move the neck, also to keep the neck pickup in the spot of the ‘virtual 24th fret’.

    Since you are using an existing body you need to remove wood from the neck. Btw, the amount of wood I removed from the neck was the maximum, any more and I would have hit the trussrod. Something to consider: maybe you can’t remove 3.2 cm without hitting the trussrod.

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    great info .... thanks Jay

    maybe I’ll try it

    (or maybe I should just save up for one of these)

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