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    I am likely picking up a 1948 Gibson ES-150 this week. It is in no way a collector...it's a player for sure. It is solid and sounds great. However, it is grungy. Lots of scratches, dings and what I think is tobacco stain-like a light haze. Without destroying the finish, what can I use to get it good and clean? Then what polish? I'm thinking it's a nitrocellulose finish. I heard something about a Mother's Product that has just a touch of grit. Please advise. Thanks.


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    I have had very much success with Virtuoso Premium Cleaner/Polish - works great with old nitro finishes.

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    +1 on Virtuoso cleaner and polish.

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    For the past few years I've used the Music Nomad Guitar Detailer and clay combination. It's an extremely fine grit treatment that removes caked on grit and polishes (compounds) tough aged grime without harming the lacquer or nitro itself. After the cleaning part of the detailing, I use a fine grit polish that comes in a squeeze bottle, there are a few of them out there, Music Nomad, Dunlop has a kit with polish. This brings the surface to a fine mirror finish.
    Finally I'll apply a carnuba based wax. Paste or in a gentle squeeze bottle form, wait 'til it hazes over and buff it off with a soft cloth. This applies a protective coat that protects from UV fading and gives the actual finish protection and it's really shiny! I feel a faster neck after I wax the neck too.
    I do this as part of a professional setup, and it makes an old guitar look like a million, and feel really smooth to the touch.
    Have fun with your new guitar!

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    Another +1 for the Virtuoso products from me.

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    I you are in a position to do it, I imagine many of us would love some before/after pics.