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    "Archtoppery is a video series that shows Ken in his shop, explaining his designs and innovative problem solving approaches, and demonstrating the tools and methods he uses to create his guitars."

    Ken Parker's Archtoppery - YouTube


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Cool instruments! But they sound very flat top to my ears in this video. By that I mean way less mids than say a Gibson Johnny Smith acoustically.
    That's not a bad thing but I prefer the Gibson to my ear.

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    Just stumbled across this intro to the series video. I'm in!

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    I will say Ken Parker has moved the bar for electric guitars. Ive owned several Fly Classic electrics, fantastic forward thinking guitars.

    Sure glad he's continuing his explorations especially in Archtops. Hopefully he'll make a production model that mere mortal musicians could afford as well.

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    There are already affordable jazz guitars -- Telecasters.

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    I love the way they sound, and Ken gets kudos, but for most gigging guitarists, forget it.
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    Companies like Eastman started making Benedetto style guitars after the publication of the famous book "Making an Archtop" by Benedetto. This video series may end up becoming as influential a resource for guitar making as "Making an Archtop". So who knows maybe soon there will be more affordable brands that make Ken Parker style archtops.

    The question is, if the flat top community will agree with Ken Parker that his archtop designs are an improvement over the traditional flattop guitars.