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    I'm starting a wood project (not a guitar) in maple but I found Keda wood dye and want to know if anyone has used it. If so, any advice?


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    Works pretty well but I had to experiment to get the right color. Watch some of the PRS videos on YT about using it. I dyed this real dark (brown & black), sanded back, and then added amber.
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    those aniline powders can be mixed with water or alcohol...alcohol will give better long lasting results...let it sit awhile after mixing...& don't mix it too dark...you can always re-apply...but harder to sand back

    also factor in that whatever type sealer you use will alter color


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    For small repairs, you can mix water based acrylic paints or water color paints with Timbermate woodfiller. I have had professional results in matching colors. Then seal with lacquer.
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