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    Hey all,
    I just got a 2010 Gibson Pat Martino and noticed the top nut is missing.
    I've been searching around the web, and its hard to know if any of the aftermarket thinline brackets will work.

    >> Anyone have any ideas on where I can get a replacement nut, or bracket kit I can pull one from?
    I believe Gibson uses it's own thread size (sae-S-40)?

    Would this match Gibsons thin line bracket thread for example:
    WD Standard Archtop Pickguard Bracket

    Thanks in advance!
    Gibson Thinline Bracket Nut?-bracket-1-jpgGibson Thinline Bracket Nut?-bracket-2-jpgGibson Thinline Bracket Nut?-martino-2-jpeg


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    Gibson like everybody else does not use custom screws, nuts and other parts not directly related to guitars. I'm not sure what the material is (brass?), but certainly a web search should yield a supply. The issue is to first get an exact description of what you want. Thread pitch, length, material, etc. It may be a problem to find a online place that ships in low quantities.
    A look at a well supplied hardware store would be a place to go to also. And there is always home depot, amazon and stew mac.

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    It might save you time and effort, if not money, to order a whole bracket assembly from Gibson, if they'll sell it to you. One nut is not going to be anyone's idea of profitable of time.

    I used to work for an authorized Gibson dealer and we had a plexiglass box of miscellaneous small parts - bridge inserts and such. When the store went under (it was poorly managed) I bought the box, but I'm afraid I used that stuff all up, over the years.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks! I contacted WD and their thread doesn’t match. Trying to get any parts from Gibson direct is a black hole from previous experience. I’ll keep researching, but might need to bite the bullet and buy an OG bracket it seems....

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    Awesome guys, the Pickguardian site has the Gibson compatable S-40 threaded arm / bracket and they even sell each individual parts of the kit!

    I’m going to buy some extra parts to have in the backup stash

    Gibson-Style ES-335/175 Complete Bracket Assembly | Pickguardian

    Many thanks!!

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    Pickguardian is awesome! Glad they could help you.