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    Hello all

    I'm in a bit over my head with trying to wire a strat and I know there's a lot of smart people on here. If anyone can help me I'd really appreciate it.

    Basically I have a Strat with 2 Humbuckers (Dimarzio Cruisers) and a regular strat single coil in the middle.

    I want to wire it so that the 5 way super switch controls the neck and bridge and goes
    1) Neck
    2) neck coil split
    3) neck and Bridge
    4) Bridge split
    5) Bridge

    And then I want a 3 way toggle switch for the middle pickup that goes
    1) Middle off
    2) Middle added to what is selected on the 5 way
    3) Middle only

    I have this Dimarzio wiring diagram for a 2 humbucker super switch layout which is exactly how I want it.

    I'm totally not sure how to work the 3 way switch into it though, although I think it is possible.

    I have a Dimarzio 4pdt switch like this:
    4PDT Pickup Selector Switch - 3 Position (On/On/On) | DiMarzio

    This is the two humbucker wiring diagram I'm trying to modify:

    If someone could help me figure out the 4pdt switch and where I would connect it into this diagram that would be amazing. I've wired this up already slightly differently so I have the super switch more or less figured out but the toggle is giving me a major headache.


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    There are different types of 4PDT on-on-on switches. I don’t see a spec at the DiMarzio site for which type this is. I’d suggest calling DiMarzio tech support. They may be able to give you a schematic for what you want to do.

    You might think of the output of the neck/bridge switch as one pickup. You want a circuit that will allow the 4PDT switch to switch between that (virtual) pickup and the middle pickup, with the center position giving you both. It shouldn’t be too hard to find a circuit diagram for that, but the circuit needs to be designed around the switch type.
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    I think the middle only setting may be tricky.

    You can run the middle pickup in parallel to the others, so that the output of the middle on/off switch just joins the output of the 5 position switch.
    You can middle on/off that way. But, middle only, is something else. That requires the middle pickup to be on and all the others off. That would be simple with another switch -- which selects between the output of the 5 position switch and the output of the middle pickup.

    Second switch: One position connects the output of the 5 position switch while connecting the middle pickup as well. One position grounds the output of the middle pickup while allowing 5 pos switch to be connected to the output. The other position connects the middle pickup to the output while grounding the output of the 5 position switch.

    So, you have a switch with three inputs and one output. You connect both middle and 5-pos-sw to the first tab. Then 5-pos only to second tab. Then middle pu only to third tab. The output tab goes to the output jack. The only thing I'm not sure of is whether you need to ground the unused lead. My guess is you don't. But, if you do, you can do it with a double pole switch. The output of the second pole goes to ground. So, in the first tab, nothing is connected. sceond tab, middle pu is connected. Third tab 5 pos is connected.

    Or, I've missed something and I'm wrong.
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    It would be easier to use a regular Strat set up with the usual five way switch and add a coil split switch for the humbuckers.

    However, my experience with splitting pickups is that the split pickup does not sound like a true single coil but sounds thinner and harsher (the active coil is lower impedance, inductance and output than a true single coil), and that there are problems with deciding whether to use 250K or 500K pots and whether to use .022 or .047 caps.

    When I set up my Strat with two humbuckers and a single coil (in the neck), I used stacked pots to be able to route the humbuckers through a 500K circuit and the single coil through a 250K circuit. I skipped the coil split because I don't like the sound, but if that were to be done the signal could be sent to the 250 K circuit from a toggle switch, albeit with a single mater tone in that situation. The volume is a 250k/500k stacked pot; the single coil goes to a 250k tone pot and the 250k side of the volume pot with .047 cap while the middle and volume humbuckers go to a pair of concentric tone pots with .022 caps and the 500k volume pot. The trick is to use the two sides of the five way switch as separate switches- don't jumper them. One side is the 250k side and the other side is the 500k side and no wire connects the opposite sides of the switch. The wiring could be easily switched around for a HSH arrangement instead if my SHH layout.

    If I had the tools to draw a diagram on my computer, that would make this a lot simpler but I don't have that skill set.
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