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    Dear forum members, I'm a big proponent of strap locks and was trying to come up with a solution for my Fender D'Aquisto Ultra. It uses acoustic-electric style end jack, which makes me quite insecure when I'm attaching a strap to it. At first I was really excited when I found Music Nomad's Acousti-Lok, which looks exactly like what I was looking for, but then looking at the endpin it seems like the threaded part of the pin would be flush with the tailpiece and I will not be able to install it. I have two question in this regard:
    1) Does anybody know what brand of an endpin jack Fender might be using
    2) What would you recommend to use to secure your strap on a pin like that.

    Many thanks!Attachment 73812
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    I have strap-locks on my Godin with an end-pin jack, working just fine. Can't remember the brand, but a common one. Also, end-pin jacks generally larger than strap buttons, you may not need a strap-lock device.

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    My solution is the NeoTech strap.
    Slimline Strap - End Pin Jack | Neotech

    The metal cam goes around the strap pin, and is held securely by Velcro. It's the most secure endpin strap I've found. I have them on two achtops with endpin jacks, and I reallly like them.