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    Is it possible to wire a Humbucker and a regular Tele Bridge pickup using a 4 way switch ? Im trying to get both series and parallel wiring on the neck pickup, both pickups together and lead single coil Tele.

    Thanks in advance !


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    Yep. I did that with Dimarzio Area Ts and with Wilde L280TN, both stacked humbuckers. No reason PAF style won't work. If there is a pick up cover it needs to be grounded separately. The diagrams ought to make things pretty clear.

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    Do you have a diagram or could you post a link to it? Thanks Much!

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    Hope this helps
    Attached Images Attached Images Tele 4 way switch with Neck Humbucker?-4-way-wiring-jpg 

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    I used this one:

    Tele w/ 4-Way Mod Switch

    although with a Dimarzio Area T (with cover) and then a Wilde L280TN (no cover). Haven't done it with a PAF style bucker, but I don't see why it wouldn't work with a 4 wire conductor. You might need to ground the cover.


    4 Way Switching For Telecaster - An Easy Guide | Fralin Pickups


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    Thanks fellas!

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    One other ? Since I'm using both a Humbucker and a Single Coil what ohm pots should be used? I've seen diagrams with both 500k a d 250K as well as a mix.
    Not sure which to go with?

    Thanks John D

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    Perhaps you could use 500k/250k dual ganged pots. I have a Strat with PAF buckers in the middle and bridge, SC in the neck and wired it so that there is a 250/500k volume pot, 250k tone pot for the neck and 500k tone for the buckers. I used one side of the switch as the 250k side and the other side for the 500k side- no jumper between the common terminals on the switch.

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    Wow I've never heard of a dual 250K/500k pot before. I've heard of people using 300k pots. I guess I'll just try different ones to find what works.

    Thanks Again!