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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Specs on the Eastman website says Seymour Duncan Seth Lover. I guess the specs have evolved. No problem - I love how it sounds through my DV Mark LJ.

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    Are you swapping pups or just havin a peek under the hood?

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    I am going to replace the springs on the pickup with surgical tubing to (hopefully) squelch an intermittent buzz/vibration. I had also planned on replacing the lead between the jack and pot with a shielded cable to reduce hum. But the cable is already shielded so not sure I’ll do that now.

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    Found a spot on the hot lead from the pickup where the insulation was nicked. I desoldered and added shrink tubing on that. Also replaced the shielded cable from jack to pot with higher quality StewMac shielded cable. And replaced the springs in the pickup mount with surgical tubing. Everything is back together, no nicks to the finish, it sounds and plays great with a new set of TI GB 12s. Glad that’s done.

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    The surgical tubing on the pickup...

    This basically eliminated any buzzing from the pickup. Substantial improvement.
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