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    Fantastic... My Robert Garcia classical (with side port) forced me to amplify my (formerly acoustic) Archtops!!
    Well done Bryant!! Congrats Steve!!


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    Beautiful guitar @QAMan, I just found this thread

    Do you know if #100 was a special/custom build as well?

    I know #50 is marked as 50th Anniversary on the headstock, and the flame on the back is particularly pronounced and narrow, but it seems to otherwise be a relatively standard build.

    I think we need a site like for owners to register their Trenier (if they want)/collect photos of the individual builds. I'll see what I can do.

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    Hey now,
    Glad you found this thread and I hope all is well. This build turned out extraordinary - its a masterpiece of build quality and sonic projection. Serial number 100 was built for Bryants wife and is shown on his Facebook page.

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