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    Quote Originally Posted by iim7V7IM7
    Now you can see just how spectacular this set of Sycamore Maple is (the Hard Maple neck ain’t too shabby either ).

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    Exquisite choices as usual - a work of art !


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    John has completed the assembly of my Monarch and took some time to photograph it yesterday. The guitar looks stunning...

    Most of these shots were taken in a light diffuser box under 5000k fluorescent source. This photographic approach manages reflection and shows detail well, but color and depth of figure can be underrepresented. The one shot that shared yesterday was under direct strobe outside the diffuser box. This shot shows the depth of the figure well, but shifts the hue a bit to the dark side. The point is it is difficult to accurately capture a sunburst. John will hang on to the guitar for a while and while “dial it in” as it settles in and perhaps have his friend, ace guitarist/studio wizard Luis Diaz make a video with it. If he does, I will share it.

    As a reminder (this thread started in January) this is 16” version of John’s “Monarch” model. The top is Carpathian Spruce, the back and sides are European Sycamore Maple and the neck is three-piece Hard Maple.

    It has a 25” scale length, 1-3/4” nut width, 2-3/16” string spacing and Gotoh 510 tuners . The body has tapered depth rims from 3” to 3-1/2”, a Venetian cutaway and a sound port. It has a custom Kent Armstrong low wind floating humbucker with hidden tone and volume pots under the finger rest. The finish is nitrocellulose lacquer.

    JOHN BUSCARINO: 16” Tapered Rim Monarch Archtop (Build Thread)-8440037d-2dd5-485f-8fbb-d6f784884fbe-jpg

    JOHN BUSCARINO: 16” Tapered Rim Monarch Archtop (Build Thread)-6f20ba10-c58a-4d0f-bd67-289a09080b8b-jpg

    JOHN BUSCARINO: 16” Tapered Rim Monarch Archtop (Build Thread)-092222b2-105c-4c17-a252-f4b68ffdf655-jpg

    JOHN BUSCARINO: 16” Tapered Rim Monarch Archtop (Build Thread)-226bc4e6-a6c3-4653-a438-4e2d381985ea-jpg

    JOHN BUSCARINO: 16” Tapered Rim Monarch Archtop (Build Thread)-21cd9fbd-ac15-4fbb-9642-c3a401b52b40-jpg

    JOHN BUSCARINO: 16” Tapered Rim Monarch Archtop (Build Thread)-08daba57-0bd4-4e5a-b83e-5da6e7ae30b7-jpg

    JOHN BUSCARINO: 16” Tapered Rim Monarch Archtop (Build Thread)-04e6c32a-c6ab-4c9e-b7b5-67003a7abd5e-jpg

    JOHN BUSCARINO: 16” Tapered Rim Monarch Archtop (Build Thread)-bba83f16-fb57-4154-bf25-2718b0685eca-jpg

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    That is a work of art. Gobsmacked.

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    Bob, Beautiful guitar. Thank you for keeping us informed during the construction process.

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    Here is a front view shot of the entire guitar so you can see the proportions. It is a 16" body. The string spacing was made a bit wider than a standard archtop (standard is 2-1/16" or 52.4 mm) at 2-3/16" or 58.7 mm. I find the wider string spacing easier when playing with a pick and my fingers.

    A bit closer view shows the dark lines in the split bock inlays are Green Abalone and not the Ebony fretboard. You can also see the figure in the Birdseye Hard Maple binding throughout. The Carpathian Spruce top shows a bit of winter grain very much like it's US cousin Red Spruce does.

    The subtle burst is designed to add contrast near the rims to set off the Birdseye Hard Maple binding and purflings and not obscure the beautiful fiddleback figure of the European Sycamore Maple.

    Archtops typically have constant depth rims between 2-3/4' to 3-3/8" (69.9 - 85.7 mm). For this guitar John used tapered rims that start a 3" (76.2 mm) at the neck block and deepen at the end block to 3-1/2" (88.9 mm). He has found that this enhances the acoustic sound of a smaller 16" the archtop but retains comfort while playing.

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    A spectacular guitar. When is it arriving?

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    Quote Originally Posted by QAman
    A spectacular guitar. When is it arriving?

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    Not for a while actually. We are about to spend some time up at our beach cottage and there is no point having it come now (no wood guitar can survive there..). My best guess is some time in September. In the meantime John can dial it in (and play it!). I think he may make a video of his friend Luis Diaz playing it (TBD).

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    Completely stunning. Wow. What a work of art

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    John has had the completed Monarch for a few weeks now. He just happened to complete it coincident with the start of our summer vacation in Rhode Island. The conditions there by the ocean can be absolutely brutal on an instrument (temperature & humidity), so I told him to hang on to it until I return in late September. John told me that he lent the guitar to his friend/recording engineer/guitarist Luis Diaz to record a demo for his website. He thought he might have a video of Luis playing the guitar on Tuesday or Wednesday.

    I will share it when I get it.

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    I do t th ink it can get much better than that, at a y price!

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    Wow, I’m speechless for there are no words to describe how beautiful your guitar is! You should feel very privileged to acquire such an instrument especially during these times. Congratulations and enjoy!