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    Hi team, this is my first post!

    I just acquired a Guild A-150 Savoy. It's my first solid top jazz box.

    I have an old Dearmond X155 with a ply top and 2 humbuckers set into the top.

    Now the A150 had some buzzing when played acoustically and 2 of those little silicon half dome feet that come with pedals (one under the treble side of the floating pickup and one between the volume pot and the guitar top) as well as some bluetak between the pickup and the pickguard killed all audible buzz/rattle.

    The guitar doesn't sustain a whole lot (compared to the X155) so my question is, would that small amount of padding against the top (probably only 10mm2 of silicon/rubber) have a dampening effect on sustain or is that just the trade-off with solid top archtops?

    Sustain for resonance? Also keen to hear of others' experience with those two models.


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    When you pluck a string, you impart a certain amount of energy, which is dissipated through the string(s). How long that takes (sustain) depends on the guitar. The faster it's dissipated, the louder the volume. You can get maximum acoustic volume or you can get maximum sustain, or somewhere in between, along a continuum. Hollow body guitars with carved spruce tops are optimized for volume. Solid body guitars are optimized for sustain, and other guitars are somewhere in the middle. You cannot maximum volume and maximum sustain in the same guitar, it's all a compromise. If you want more sustain, get a solid or semi-solid guitar, and accept the lack of acoustic volume, or compromise with a laminated top, which has less volume but a little more sustain. You can only put so much energy into the guitar through the strings, and so much out as volume, with considerable loss due to friction and heat. The laws of physics are not easily broken.

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    Thanks sgosnell, that's in line with what I was thinking. Thanks for breaking it down so informatively.

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    the dearmond x155 is an all maple laminate body...its very forward sounding for a big arch...in addition with the in body pickups that can resonate with the top moving...hence sustain

    the guild 150 being a solid spruce top and more an acoustic archtop with the pickup and controls mounted above the body...so that the top resonates without hinderance...so theoretically placing any padding on the top will indeed reduce it's ability to resonate fully...

    if there are alternate means to alleviating the problem, like raising the pickguard slightly or bending the pickup attachment rods, it would be preferable



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    The floating pickup is pretty close to the neck block--I doubt there's much vibration there to be damped. The usual answer to reversible changes is "try it and see."

    I've generally put a piece of hard felt under floaters to level the pickup and stop vibration.

    Danny W.

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    Try it and see is a good approach. What sounds great to one may sound meh or even worse to another. I've placed felt and hard foam between pickguards and tops with no difference in sound that I could discern. On my Wu with a Rhythm Chief pickup, I use Blu-Tack between the pickup and the top, which protects the top under the pickup from scratches, prevents rattles and buzzes, and also levels and couples the pickup to the top fairly effectively. I like that solution, while others may not. IME Blu-Tack is a very useful product for a variety of applications. But it's not the only way of solving problems. Whatever works...

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