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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    " Ahead of the curve for 110 years - Morgan Motor Company ".....

    Densified wood?-morgan-supersports-1-jpg

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    'Super Wood'

    Still no blue jokes?

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    I've been getting e-mails about "super wood" for years.

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    ok..i'll play...oak! one of the premier woods in old (turn of 20th century) furniture making...stickley oak furniture is coveted these days...no elaborate "french" finishes, but rather an ammonia gas finish..that hardened the oak..so that many an oak furniture piece remains in pristine condition to this day!

    the original inspiration behind this ammonia bath on oak..to make it seemingly last forever?

    horse piss!!

    some enterprising soul realized that the oak floors in stables hardened into "stable" and appealing lustre..

    the rest is history


    super wood indeed!