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    I've decided to build a tele using Warmoth and Musikraft components. I'm interested in using Wudtone dye's and gloss treatment on both the body and neck. I know pants had a post of a tele build which he did which turned out really nice, and I am wondering if anyone else has experience with the products? Has anyone used the gold or silver highlight options with their dye's? Thanks in advance.


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    No experience with those, but I've used fabric dye and leather dye on solid-body instruments with decent results.

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    I used leather dye on instruments in the 70's, until a saw one a few years later. the dark dye faded to nothing. the result was interesting but not intended

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    I've used Fiebing's black leather dye, on both leather and instrument bodies, and I haven't seen any fading after more than 20 years on some. Different dyes have different characteristics, I think. Fiebing's marine black does not fade at all, IME. I have one body that I used red Rit fabric dye on, and it's still about the same color, almost 20 years on. I used repeated applications, sanding between them to smooth the grain raised by the liquid, then sprayed nitro. I was relatively happy with the results. If I were to make or finish instruments now, I would use Tru-Oil. It's much better, IMO, than nitro. More environmentally and lung friendly, easy to apply, easy to touch up, and it lasts very well. No need for any special equipment or clean room, just rub it on.

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    at that time the early seventy's. there was no stew mac or L m i you had to figure it out yourself no books other than one classical guitars I built my first flat top using photos of unassembled instruments from a Martin catalog just guessing at size and proportion so I proabably went to the shoe repair guy for leather dye . I think next may have been a powder from Behlen . just citing my experience. Bob

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    No experience with those either, but the Stewmac transtint dyes are excellent. I second the Tru-oil recommendation as well.


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    Transtint, though expensive, has always given me the best results. I tried the leather dyes but it took more of it and the color didn’t seem as deep. Used with nitro and water borne lacquer (EnduroVar).

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    I'll look at transtint as well. Thanks for all the feedback, it is much appreciated.