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    I recently purchased a quality used carved top guitar on this forum. Because I use a heavy plain G string, I needed a new bridge saddle cut for intonation purposes. The maker made one for free (thank-you). After fitting it back together, it is playable, but I had to raise the bridge quite high to eliminate buzzes. I love the axe, it's sound and responsiveness. The D string buzzes way before the other strings and I'd like to have a slightly less severe action. However, I lack the skill for a proper set up.

    Don't know if it's the curve of the bridge saddle, a high fret somewhere, in need of a full levelling and crowning, or a simple adjustment. I need an expert. Does anyone recommend a skilled set-up luthier within 2 hours of Gloucestershire in the UK?

    Thanks, in advance. Ben


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    Hi Ben,

    Jonny Kinkead in Bristol is a builder of flattop and archtop guitars. He also fine setup and repair work, as shown in a couple of videos with That Pedal Show on YouTube.


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    ATB Guitars is a high-end, appointment only vintage dealer in Cheltenham. Someone must be doing their set-ups. Might be worth asking who they use?
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    Much appreciated. I'll call him.

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    You know, I had thought of them. Never been in but they smack of very posh instruments. Appointment only. They're next to my fave sushi joint.

    I have also been in World Guitars in Stonehouse, but they're quite a bit too snobbish for my taste, only overpriced boutique solid bodies for stupid money.

    Thanks again for this rec.

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    ...because they are so close to me. I'll keep you posted on the job they do.