The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Steve Andersen (WA)
    Andersen Stringed Instruments | Custom Archtop Guitar Builder

    Brian Applegate (MN)
    Applegate Guitars

    Aaron Andrews (WA)
    Andrews Guitars

    Victor Baker (CA)
    » Victor Baker Guitars NYC

    Carl Barney (CT)
    Luthier Carl Barney Handmade Custom Guitars

    Tom Bills (MO)

    Mark Blanchard (CA)

    Roger Borys (NJ)

    Tim Bram (MD)

    Tad Brown (CA)

    John Buscarino (NC)

    Mark Campellone (RI)

    Bill Comins (PA)

    Matt Cushman (MT)

    Otto D’Ambrosio (CA)

    Stuart Day (PA)

    James Decava (CT)

    Joe Dragony (CA)

    Tim Frick (CA)

    Greg German (CO)

    Barry Grzebik (CA)

    Steve Grimes (HI)

    Stephen Holst (OR)

    Dan Koentopp (IL)

    Denny Kopp (OH)

    Mark Lacey (TN)

    George Leach (AZ)

    Bernie Lehmann (NY)

    Michael Lewis (CA)

    Stephen Marchione (TX)

    Ric McCurdy (NY)

    Ted Megas (OR)

    Bill Moll (MO)

    John Monteleone (NY)

    Gary Mortoro (FL)

    Brad Nickerson (NC)

    Ken Parker (MA)

    Woody Pfifer (NY)

    Tim Reede (MN)

    Chuck Sanzone (VT)

    Bruce Sexauer (CA)

    Erich Solomon (NH)

    Ryan Thorell (UT)

    Chuck Thornton (ME)

    Jim & Ryan Triggs (KS)

    Dale & Tyler Unger (PA)

    Kim Walker (CT)

    Maegen Wells (CA)

    Tyler Wells (CA)

    Ned Whittemore (CA)

    Gary Zimnicki (MI)


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Thierry Andre (Quebec, Canada)
    Andre instruments by luthier Thierry Andre / Home

    Mario Beauregard (Quebec, Canada)
    Mario Beauregard – Home @ Beauregard Guitars

    Oskar Graf (Ontario, Canada)
    Fine custom Archtop guitars hand built by luthier Oskar Graf • koa, cutaway, handcrafted

    Douglas Harrison (Ontario, Canada)
    Harrison Guitars

    Peter Hopkins (British Columbia, Canada
    Hopkins Guitars - Custom Archtops - Penticton, BC

    Sigmund Johannessen (British Columbia, Canada )

    Brian Kingston (Prince Edward Island, Canada)

    Igor Kornil (Manatoba, Canada)

    J LaPlante (Ontario, Canada)

    Jeff Letain (Alberta, Canada)

    Linda Manzer (Ontario, Canada)

    Andrew Nezil (British Columbia, Canada)

    Guillaume Rancourt (Quebec, Canada)

    Martin Tremblay (Quebec, Canada)

    Wyatt Wilkie (British Columbia, Canada)


    Mark Bailey (United Kingdom)

    Mirko Borghino (Italy)

    Pierrick Brua (France)

    Andy Crockett (United Kingdom)

    Franz Elferink (Netherlands)

    Emanuele Faggion (Italy)

    Hans Fizer (Czech Republic)

    Nigel Forster (United Kingdom)

    Bill Fremediti (Greece)

    Stefan Hahl (Germany)

    Richard Heeres (Netherlands)

    Alphonse Keller (Germany)

    Tobias Lund Lindberg (Sweden)

    Andy Manson (Portugal)

    John Moriarty (Ireland)

    Claudio & Claudia Pagelli (Switzerland)

    Torsten & Friederike Preuß (Germany)

    Petr Prochazka (Czech Republic)

    Balazs Prohaszka (United Kingdom)
    Theo Scharpach (Netherlands)

    Daniel Salmon (Netherlands)

    Stefan Sonntag (Germany)

    Bryant Trenier (France)

    Mike Vanden (United Kingdom)

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    Feel free to add...(I surely missed some)

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    Benoit Lavoie – Luthier
    Benoit Lavoie (Canada) exeptionnal work!

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    Mike Kinal - Vancouver. Archtops, basses, solid bodies

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    Steve Paquet from Montreal:
    Lutherie guitare jaune Steve Paquet

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    Allen Beardsell Winnipeg CA
    Arch-top Electric — Beardsell Guitar Workshop

    Chris Forshage Pflugerville TX
    Forshage Custom Instruments

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    Al Carruth in New Hampshire
    Small Archtop

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    Vincent Cleroux is building some great guitars in Montreal Guitars Made in Canada | Quebec | Vincent Cleroux Luthier

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    More Canadian guys who have all built some archtops - all you need to do is throw money at them to do it:

    Tony Duggan-Smith
    Tony Duggan-Smith :: Guitar Maker :: Home

    Brian Monty
    Monty Guitars

    David Wren
    Wren Guitar Works

    Joseph Yanuziello
    Yanuziello Stringed Instruments
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    I just finalized the details on a commission for a Standard Concerto 15" archtop by Guillaume Rancourt. It's his entry level guitar based on the Concerto Signature archtop but without some of the appointments that add to the cost. I've been interested in Rancourt archtops for a couple of years now based on some of the YouTube videos I've seen and some of the reviews I've read.

    He has an interesting approach in terms of bracing (they're carved into the top) and his choice of tonewoods (mine will have a cedar top). This is my first commission so I don't have anything to compare it to but Guillaume has been very responsive to my multiple questions and really detailed in his replies. He comes across as a really nice and genuine guy who is passionate and very knowledgeable about archtop guitars.

    I've decided on a couple of upgrades for the bridge and tailpiece that should enhance the guitars responsiveness but still keeps it affordable.

    The build will start in August and take 14-16 months. He also has several financing plans that make it very doable when spread out over time.

    Even though I've never played one of his guitars, I feel confident that this is a good decision for me and so far has been a very positive experience working with Guillaume.

    Standard Concerto Signature Acoustic Archtops – Rancourt Guitars

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    This thread should be sticky-fied. A great resource and fun to poke around in. I was pleasantly surprised to find a builder in my little corner of the world who built for Benedetto and has someone like Ed Cherry as a client.

    heh-heh... Daniel Salmon surely makes some of the tastiest in the world!

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    AJL Guitars in Finland. Mostly manouche (Andreas Öberg, Olli Soikkeli) but also archtops.

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    Are any of them some what affordable?
    I'm not looking to customise the hell out of one, just a few basic things that are not really easy to find on an archtop (1.75 neck width, C neck profile, 16 inch radius, ect) Thank you in advance

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    Linda Manzer

    Archtop Guitars – Manzer Guitars


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    Ari Lehtela, Tela Guitar, Charlotte NC

    Tela Guitar

    Bill Moll, on the first list, is retired from building and repair. I had a conversation with him the other day about his #2 archtop (1996) which I just acquired.

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    Spain: Fernando Jaen
    Jaen – Archtop Guitars Since 1992

    Certainly what I would think of reasonably priced, and open to customisation. (Eg I asked for a flat fretboard radius.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by richay
    a few basic things that are not really easy to find on an archtop (1.75 neck width, C neck profile, 16 inch radius, ect) Thank you in advance
    I'd say those are the usual specs in archtops that don't aim for the vintage V neck vibe?!

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    Send me a message if you'd like, Maybe have a model what would work perfectly for you,
    Best regards,
    Guillaume Rancourt,
    Rancourt Guitars – Custom Made Archtop Acoustic Guitars & Upright Bass

    Quote Originally Posted by richay
    Are any of them some what affordable?
    I'm not looking to customise the hell out of one, just a few basic things that are not really easy to find on an archtop (1.75 neck width, C neck profile, 16 inch radius, ect) Thank you in advance