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    I have a 2015 Eastman 403 ce.The case lining is peeling back because its really tight! putting the Guitar back in its case.Would a 100 % cotton tee shirt material be damaging to the finish?If i were to install just on the sides where its peeling away because the wood under neath will hurt it?Its a really tight fit and a new case is not in the bugget.


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    Quote Originally Posted by EarlBrother View Post
    ... Its a really tight fit and a new case is not in the bugget.
    A new case is not in the budget? How about a new guitar when the current case ruins the guitar you've got? Is that in the budget?

    Seriously, get a case that fits.

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    A cotton shirt won't hurt the finish, whatever the finish is. Eastman cases tend to be tight-fitting, for protection, and personally I wouldn't buy a new case just because this one is tight. Tight is better than loose.

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    I'm talking lining it up just right and forcing into the case.Pushing down pretty hard.Which as long as it doesnt hurt it.thats ok deconeill is forwarding me some cash for a case what a sweet hrt.lol Bugget : A cart for carrying food.I enjoy food more? O maybe im just a butt nugget.When it come to cash.

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    With tight cases, I usually put one side in first, then push that side firmly against the lining and then slide the other side in. Usually, but not exclusively, the far side in first. Trying to push the guitar in flat can be frustrating, and damaging to the lining.