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    1946 Gibson Tailpiece Repair help

    The original tailpiece for my 1946 Gibson ES125 needs repair. I'd like some opinions please, since I'm not sure about the options. My only thoughts at this point are

    a) finding a suitable plate to replace the cracked one shown below if possible, where?
    b) having the crack repaired?
    c) finding a total replacement, where can I find one?

    1946 Gibson Tailpiece Repair help-20190419_112115-jpg1946 Gibson Tailpiece Repair help-20190419_112155-jpg
    I have a tailpiece on it, but it's not the original and it's cheesy. I really want the original back on it!

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    Take it to a jeweler and ask his/her opinion.

    Find a welding school, they may want a teaching challenge.

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    I took a cracked tailpiece to a brass instrument repairman. I just got the tailpiece back. So far it's working. I tried a jeweler first, but he soldered the tailpiece and that couldn't withstand the string tension. The brass instrument repairman brazed the talipiece.

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