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    Does anyone know where I can obtain vintage block style inlays? These would look like yellowish cream pearl blocks.
    Thanks to everyone for your tips I found the proper material!
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    take a look at philadelphia of the rising stars of the usa luthier supply companies



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    You'll have to look around but there's a guy who has pearl shaped in Vietnam. He has square blocks, split block (Super 400 style), and even some of the old early 20th century banjo patterns. Look like nice work and IIRC his prices were reasonable. His name is DePaule - he has gold mother of pearl blocks. He'll come up on a Google search.

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    Both StewMac and LMI have gold pearl sheets. You have to cut them to size, because size matters. Both also have precut blocks, but AFAIK only white.

    Allparts also has white pearl sheets, and precut sets for Les Pauls.
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