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    On a whim I went to Reverb and chose sort by "highest prices" and was shocked to see a Ribbecke Archtop for $916K at the top of the list... So reading more, a very interesting story.....The Tree: The Most Notorious Tonewood in the World |

    Ribbecke Legacy Trio Archtop 2014 The Tree | LCollective | Reverb
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    That is without a doubt some spectacular tonewood. Stunning!
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    Ken Parker made this one for the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

    Merlin Gallery — Ken Parker Archtops

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    It sounds too dark, I like my tele better.

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    Unfortunately by the time it gets processed through a mic, recording software, digitization, uploading and whatever YouTube does the the audio tracks, reproduction through laptop speakers... that fine, lovely Ribbecke sounds about like a $200 Kay. Definitely not a fair shake!
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    I certainly hope it sounds better in person, because the tone I’m hearing in that clip is horrendous. Visually, it’s stunning for sure.

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    You need $900k ears to appreciate it.
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    I sold this instrument for $5,000. I guess I should have added a few zero's to the ask price.

    Attached Images Attached Images The Tree...-dsc_0487-jpeg 
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    Good grief- reading the text "This archtop is the only guitar in the world that features a single-piece carved back." For one thing that is not remotely true as there are thousands of guitars with one piece carved backs, but perhaps he meant to say "from the Tree." And then the seller goes on to include a photo with two other guitars obviously with one piece backs made from "the Tree." The eagle inlay is sure something, too!

    Lovely- stunning, even- wood but not worth $900K to me- that does exceed my net worth rather handily, which may jaundice my thinking. I find the prices on Ribbeckes to often seem excessive anyway but this one carries it by two orders of magnitude. According to Reverb two people have put it "in their carts" already, so what do I know? If you can afford it and are willing to pay that amount for what is a very beautiful guitar, have at it!
    Beauty is as close to terror as we can well endure. -Rainer Maria Rilke

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    Didn't Bob Benedetto once build an archtop out of really cheap wood to prove it was the builder, not the wood?

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    I believe that was Bob Taylor who made the pallet guitar. He made a series of them after he proved the concept.

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    They both did, actually-- Taylor's pallet guitar and Benedettos knotty wood archtop.
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    What crazy hype! Build a guitar a use the regular woods of maple, spruce, mahogany, ebony, ect…. The flame and how it looks has about zero to do with the sound that comes out. Frankly a nice piece of cedar can build a good archtop and some examples of archops are even made with a cedar. In the end it is the carving of the sound that makes a difference just play and good archtop of all types and you will see in no time at all the sound has nothing to do with the flames. One exception is that birdseye maple is the hardest type of maple and while probably has no effect on the sound it generally is more stable all other things equal.
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