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    Last week traded in my Yunzhi archtop guitar and an SX P Bass and got this new MIA American Special P Bass.

    NBD Fender PB American Special-img_20190719_193129-jpgNBD Fender PB American Special-img_20190719_193154-jpg

    Love the Greasebucket circuit.

    This model is no longer in production. I went to the shop where I am a customer since 1969 with the two instruments I wanted to get rid off and they asked me what do you want? Said an American Special PBass. They replied we have one in the deposit, but the price doesn't show in the computer. They called the importer,and luckily he was two blocks from the shop so he came down and everything went smooth and I went out with my new PBass.

    American Fenders, even budget ones like this, are superb instruments. Nothing to do to it besides little neck adjustment and intonation, and it plays and sounds perfect. Can´t put it down.


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    Nice bass, Man. Congratulations, and groove in good health!
    Best regards, k

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    congrats...throw some nice flatwound strings on it, and thump like jamerson

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