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    Identifying a 1970s Rickenbacker copy

    A friend has an early 1970s Rickenbacker bass that I strongly suspect is a copy. No serial in the place where RB usually placed it; different tuners, but otherwise a spitting image of an early 1970s RB. Any ideas about how I can identify the manufacturer and it's value. I'm a guitarist, so not knowledgeable about the bass world. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    very likely a japanese copy..made at same factory as ibanez were...but were branded with many different brand names depending where they were being sold..illustrious (not) brand names like mann & gonzalez! hah

    these days rickenbacker doesn't allow anything like that to occur..they are very tough on protecting their copyrights & designs..thankfully!

    rickenbacker pickups were always very idiosyncratic..sure the average 70's copy didn't bother with their fine points


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