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    A pawn shop i visit has a Fender Rumble 75 offered it to me for $100.00.Last week.I went in today and he said in fiddling with he heard a noise.So he said take it home put you gear into it if it works or you can get it fixed just give me something for it what ever its worth to. Past dealings he trust me.Oh i'm a jazz guitarist i have played bass in the past but i was looking for something with headphone use for practice.What would this be a reasonable $$ to put into this amp?Is there a history of problems?


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    I tried a Rumble 40 watt recently with a bass and liked it quite a bit. Fender bass amps can make good guitar amps as a number of people have mentioned here.
    I'm seeing the 75 as an older model generally going for around 180-$200 used. The newer Rumbles are supposed to be 'lightweight' and the 40 watt I tried was very light.
    Do you know anyone who repairs amps? If the older Rumbles sound anything like the new ones then they're nice amps.

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    Thanks stevebol!! I will look around for a amp repairer if i need it.I got it home and he and i forgot the chord is removable and forgot to get it..Hes gone for holidays and unless Walmart carries a cord or something heavy that works then have to wait.Also its a bit heavy for sure.Again big T Y!

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    Well i powered it up and there is a fairly loud hum.So i shut it off and plugged the guitar into it and its humming with and with even the volume off.But i played it anyway and thru the noise i could hear how nice could sound.Chords are really nice as well.I wonder if its the 12 inch speaker cause my 15 inch poly and sunn beta are not as articulate with this particular guitar wow.This is a revelation to me.Thanks again.

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    The new Rumbles are pretty cheap. I'm happy with my new setup of a strat with Tonerider Alnico pickups and Roland Street Cube Ex but it's very mid-range sounding all together.
    I'm guessing a Rumble bass amp could serve double-duty as a bass amp and also enhance the Street Cube which is really a mini PA. Maybe triple-duty.
    I'm going to play some audio on my cell into the Roland and then go line-out from that into the Rumble. I'm guessing it will give that bottom end that's lacking with the Cube alone.

    This is a little on the tangent but I'll never forget it....
    There was a soundman back in Buffalo who was very well known. Old biker dude. He was simply the best I ever heard and he did all the major acts outside the football stadium and aud for hockey. I bought some woofer PA speakers from him 25 or so years ago. 15" JBL's in big vented cabs.
    In his warehouse which was very big he said, see all those mid-range speakers? He said they're completely useless. All you need is good woofers and small piezos. He said- I barely turn on the mid-range speakers and it's all for show.
    I had no doubt he knew what he was talking about.
    Anyway, I see a Rumble in my future. I just like the open sound they have.

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    I don't know about the older Rumble amps but I have tried the new 200. At first it sounded awful; lots of hiss, hum and distortion. I then noticed that the overdrive circuit was switched in and the control knob was turned up. I turned it off and it sounded fantastic! Why anyone would use that feature I don't know; certainly not for jazz. I am now tempted to get one, although I don't think I would need the 200W (15 inch speaker) version. Mind you, it is VERY light.

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    I bought a Rumble 100v3 (12-inch speaker) a little over a year ago. Great sounding bass amp for its price. It is a very light amp which also sounds good with a semi-acoustic.

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    Yes, the 100 is the one I'm considering. I could use it for bass, archtop, and my Yamaha MT with piezo pickup. Does it have a line input (mini jack)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by A440 View Post
    Yes, the 100 is the one I'm considering. I could use it for bass, archtop, and my Yamaha MT with piezo pickup. Does it have a line input (mini jack)?
    There is a "Aux In" mini jack on the back, right next to the "Phones" out jack (also a mini jack).