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    Beautiful archtop!-thundercat_x-jpg

    Ibanez Stephen "Thundercat" Bruner signature model.
    Great sound. Great player and singer too...
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    ..looks just like this one...and another inch or two and it'd be the same size !Beautiful archtop!-2010-08-hardrock-1-jpg

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    I love Thundercat. What a monster musician. I've got to see him a few times, he definitely goes out there.

    It's funny because I saw this thread and thought "archtop bass?" without even thinking I've seen this before, haha!

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    John Patitucci has a similar bass, made for him by Yamaha.

    Beautiful archtop!-patituccibysheldon-jpg

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    Can't see from the picture, is it actually an arched top ? Looking at the bridge, I would say no.
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    both basses pictured are semi hollow flatops..the tension exerted by 6 bass strings would rip the top off a real arch!! hah

    sure they have body length center blocks that the bridge screws into...you cant use that type of bridge on an archtop


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    (Tried to change the title after your post, but couldn't!)
    - Patrick

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    I've actually played the prototype for thundercat's bass....I don't know how he plays for longer than 10 minutes with that thing on his shoulders, but then again I'm smaller than he is.