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    I have been on a path to get a fender american jazz however just yesterday I was looking thought the august Issue of bass player and ran across a Warwick Streamer CV and it was essentially love at first sight. It had that classy brownish black finish I always wanted love how the headstock has 2 running keys on each side instead of inline love the fretboard pickguard man I could just go on forever. It had a good review But in truth I really don't know much about this bass or company and was hoping to get an opinion. I also realize if I get something like this I am going to want a less expensive bass to use in places that I am less comfortable taking my 3500 dollar guitar so I was thinking about a cheep warwick or fender or another guitar that has the look of a warwick. So if you could please review on these categories

    so on warwick streamer CV vs fender american

    jazz and blues tone




    and please do the same for the lower ends. Or if you have a better option please share




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    Back in my bass days I checked out Warwick a couple times and the weight and narrow necks turned me off. For a inexpensive bass for taking to auditions, gigs, or jams in unfamiliar locations I did like most others I know and got a Squire Jazz bass. The Squires really are great basses for the money, and if something happened and I lost it not a big loss and can easily replace it. I buy instruments to play so looks are never important.
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    My son was a professional, full-time, touring bass player for years. He played in a band that did all of the major festivals, etc. They recorded for a major label, blah, blah. He played two basses the entire time: a US-made Fender Precision Bass and a Warwick Thumb Bass (made in Germany). The P, of course, is over a grand. The Thumb Bass is, I think, between 3-4 grand. Both instruments were exceptional. The Precision was the very embodiment of funky, R&B bass--and rock solid. You could probably shovel snow with it and do a gig. The Thumb bass was also exceptionally tough. It was a 5-string, neck-through body bass. It had a great sound and it played just fantastically. (I should mention that I have been a bass player for about 45 years.)

    You cannot go wrong with either Warwick or Fender. Both basses are made in several different countries now--it offers instruments in different price ranges. I have played them all and find value in each of them.

    If I were to go out and purchase a new bass right now, it would probably be a US Fender Precision, but that probably reveals much about my musical tastes. The bass, itself, remains a good value.

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    I ended up with a fender american deluxe thanks guys

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    Good bass. Enjoy.

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    I Love warwick thumb ...I love my Conklin custom.....but I really really love my 400 dollar Cort bass. did not expect that

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    Quote Originally Posted by EOE View Post
    I Love warwick thumb ...I love my Conklin custom.....but I really really love my 400 dollar Cort bass. did not expect that
    I do love Cort. Check this out; Quick Hit: Cort Jeff Berlin Series Rithimic Bass | Premier Guitar

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