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    Just for fun

    This is my solo guitar list from last Halloween. Played for 2 hours. Lots of improv as you can see. I played all summer so was fairly handy at it. Might have a posh gig next week so just looked at the repertoire again. One word...rusty.

    Show Us Your Set List-img20230327205244-jpg


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    This is my songs I know list. Putting a band together for summer.

    1. Satin Doll
    2. Girl from Ipanema
    3. All of me
    4. Moanin
    5. Blue Bossa
    6. Bags Groove
    7. Dig Dis
    8. chitlins Con Carne
    9. s Wonderful
    10. how insensitive
    11. Coming home baby
    12. St. Louis blues
    13. Blue monk
    14. yesterdays
    15. St Thomas
    16. watermelon man
    17. take five
    18. Bye bye blackbird
    19. Mercy mercy mercy
    20. You’d be so nice to come home to
    21. Misty
    22. Song for my father
    23. Night train
    24. Summertime
    25. Sunny
    26. the way you look tonight

    I had no idea I knew this many tunes… I should get gigging
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    Show Us Your Set List-529cff1f-8723-4d94-a31c-cb61954ee95f-jpegShow Us Your Set List-b064f36f-1c14-4636-97a9-d209c0d4dd1b-jpeg

    Great idea! Here’s a couple. Both are from solo sets, about 40mn for each. The one with the pedal board is the graphic from a flyer. It lists the composers only. As I recall, the tunes were as follows:

    Tired of Waiting for You (Davies)
    Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most (Wolf)
    Freddie Freeloader / Blue Monk (Miles / Monk)
    Watermelon Man (Hancock)
    Lucy in the Sky / In My Life (Lennon & McCartney)

    The second list was from a set using three guitars, an archtop for jazz chord melodies, a flattop for acoustic Zeppelin, and a Tele for the Beatles medley. There’s also notes for the pedal settings.

    But wow, you did a two hour set with lots of variety. Impressive!

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    I use a tablet on gigs, so my lists are electronic. At my trio's weekly Thursday night show, we back a different vocalist every week - so I write an iReal chart set for the bassist and drummer and print that as a pdf with the list plus all the tunes (in case of a device failure):

    Show Us Your Set List-go_ireal-png

    Show Us Your Set List-go_list-png

    After the vocal hour, we do a set. For that, I leave scrap paper in my pocket and on my bedside table all week so I can write down tunes I want to do when I think of them. We discuss the list before our trio set and pick tunes that grab us. When a page gets full, I transcribe it to a Word document - so there's a sheaf of tune lists in my gig bag pocket. On solo dates, I just use the scribbled idea lists. These are the 3 I've been filling up for about a month:

    Show Us Your Set List-playlist-3-jpeg

    Show Us Your Set List-playlist-2-jpeg

    Show Us Your Set List-playlist-1-jpeg

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    My current set list is Autumn Leaves played 7-8 times at subtly varied speeds wherein the latter renditions are typically better than the first ones. My cats seem to enjoy it. Literal cats - not jazzy jazz hep cats.

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    It's heartening to see that some of us here know more than two songs. And in funny keys too.

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    It’s heartening to see someone has handwriting worse than mine.

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    Here's the swing dance set our big band performed at the Palais Royale on March 4:

    Come Out Swingin’ – Larry Neeck
    Moondance – Van Morrison, arr. Roy Phillippe
    Minority Ruling – Al Horney
    Save the last Dance (vocal) - Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman, arr. Danny Wilks
    Beyond the Sea (vocal) - Charles Trenet, arr. Richard Wess and Michael Manny
    The Girl from Ipanema (vocal) – Antonio Carlos Jobim, arr. Roger Holmes
    Metropole – arr. Howard Rowe
    Girl Talk – Bobby Troup and Neal Hefti, arr. Mark Taylor
    A Foggy Day (vocal) – George and Ira Gershwin
    Sway (vocal) – Norman Gimble, arr. Danny Wilks
    Drummin Man – Gene Krupa and Tiny Parham, arr. Rich DeRosa
    How Insensitive – Antonio Carlos Jobim , arr. Les Brown
    Canal Street Celebration – Mike Carubia

    Show Us Your Set List-di-02272-jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by AllanAllen
    It’s heartening to see someone has handwriting worse than mine.
    Show Us Your Set List-6c7e5b1b-edb1-47d8-8dc8-c17dda0321e3-png???

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    @nevershouldhavesoldit, thanks for sharing your set lists. Some great tunes therein! I particularly like those on the hand-written lists, including Chitlins Con Carne, Come Rain or Come Shine, and Strollin’.

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    PLAYLIST APRIL 3, 2023 GIG Rexford

    Take The A train
    Makin Whoopie Tracy
    Street Where You Live Alex
    Quincy and the Count
    Gee Baby, Ain’t I Good To You Tracy
    On The Sunny Side of the Street Alex
    Harlem Nocturne [Sax]
    The Man I Love Tracy
    As Long as I’m Singing Alex
    Night and Day Tracy
    The Best Is Yet To Come Alex
    In The Mood
    X Save The Last Dance For Me Tracy
    I Get A Kick Alex
    Tico Tico
    Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You Tracy
    X Zoot Suit Riot Alex
    X Bone Buster
    Besame Mucho
    Blue Bossa
    That’s All

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    Show Us Your Set List-img_2022-10-30-12-12-17-709-jpg
    I think I play a little bit more tunes now, I mean comping (10 or 20 more).
    That list is the real one : I play the head (no real book, no tablet).

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    Looks like a hot summers day coming up next sunday in Gouda (city of the NL cheese) with 30 deg C temperature.
    Playing Gouwe Big Band celebrating the summer in Gouda and vintage sailing boats harbor days. Very much looking forward to it

    Titel Schrijver Arrangeur
    Set 1
    1 Let the good times roll Louis Jordan Paul Murtha
    2 Oye como va Tito Puente Paul Murtha
    3 Stolen Moments Oliver Nelson Paul Jennings
    4 Libertango Astor Piazzolla Michael Philip Mossman
    5 It might as well be spring Hammerstein & Rodgers Mark Taylor
    6 Children of Sanchez Chuck Mangione Keith Floey (Jeff Tyzick)
    7 Sidewinder Lee Morgan Mark Taylor
    8 The man I love George & Ira Gershwin Dave Wolpe
    9 Fly me to the moon Bart Howard Sammy Nestico
    Set 2
    10 Amy Winehouse Medley Amy Winehouse Steven Sluiter
    11 All of me Seymour Simons/Gerald Marks Lennie Niehaus
    12 A Night like this Caro Emerald Arjen de Groot
    13 Mas que nada Jorge Ben Mark Taylor
    14 The Girl from Ipanema Jobim Roger Holmes
    15 On Broadway Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil Jerry Nowak
    16 Blinding Lights The Weekend Paul Murtha
    17 You've got a Friend Randy Newman Mark Taylor

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    And I Love Her - bossa
    Do Nothing till you hear
    I love You
    It Could Happen to You
    Lady is a Tramp
    Lucky Southern
    Cold Duck Time
    Pure Imagination
    Star Eyes
    This I Dig Of you
    Yardbird S
    Once I Loved

    not really in that order but what ive been pulling from.

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    Long time lurker, first time poster.

    I've been sitting in for another guitarist at a regular local “gig”. I say “gig” because we’re in the back bar of a hotel, squeezed around a pool table, there’s no PA and there’s usually no audience so it’s more like a live rehearsal than anything else.

    Regardless, it’s good to play and build my repertoire. I took most of the heads on this list except How Insensitive and Love for Sale. Footprints was really nice to play and Autumn in New York went well.

    Show Us Your Set List-img_0731-jpg
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    Show Us Your Set List-img_2756-jpg

    a few updates to my list, gigs coming.

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    Here's a recent vocal-heavy set from a swing dance:
    Show Us Your Set List-screenshot-2023-08-07-10-54-58-am-png

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    Minha Saudade
    Café Com Pao
    Baiao Pro Eliseu
    Garota De Ipanema (Silva arrangement)
    Bala Com Bala

    Quem Diz Que Sabe
    Musica Das Nuvens (original arrangement)
    Muito A Vontade
    O Barquinho
    Pra Que Chorar
    Rapaz De Bem
    Asa Branca (original arrangement)
    Batida Diferente (original arrangement)

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    Here’s a tune list from a winery gig I did as a duo accompanied by upright bass, but it’s alphabetical. I’m sure I omitted a few when I scrambled the order.

    Show Us Your Set List-img_7781-jpegShow Us Your Set List-img_7781-jpeg

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    Back to the Westlands Hotel in Dunblane last night. Our usual quintet was bumped up to a six piece with the addition of another sax, this meant I didn't get to take any heads but I hadn't picked any of the tunes in the set so was happy to sit back.

    I gave my handwritten setlist to a nice German chap who requested Cantaloupe Island, he seemed pretty happy with our slightly mangled version.

    We didn't play This I Dig of You, El Yorke or My Groove, Your Move, which we swapped out for Road Song and we finished with Comin' Home Baby, which the guest drummer turned into a blues shuffle

    Show Us Your Set List-img_0116-jpg

    The set was ok overall but I've asked the bandleader if we can each nominate a couple of tunes for next week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SetPhasersToSwing
    we finished with Comin' Home Baby, which the guest drummer turned into a blues shuffle
    Maybe they know the Gatton version.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AllanAllen
    Maybe they know the Gatton version.

    It was a bit more mid-paced Texas blues shuffle but that Gatton version is excellent! We couldn't get away with something so energetic at this gig, the old dears who come out for a bit of easy listening wouldn't know what hit them!

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    I leave scrap paper on my night table, because I often wake up in the middle of the night and think of a tune I want to play. During the day, I use my phone’s voice recorder to remind myself, and I add those to the bedside sheet when I get back to our bedroom. When the paper is full, I enter the list into my tablet and start a new sheet. But I carry the most recent paper list in my pocket on gigs, just in case my tablet dies (which has happened once).

    No, AllanAllen, my handwriting has not gotten any better. Here’s last night’s list:

    Show Us Your Set List-img_1782-jpeg

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    Three hours of stuff that sounds like this...
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Quote Originally Posted by pauln
    Three hours of stuff that sounds like this...
    It’s funny that you write dissertations in a theory thread, but you can’t be bothered to list 8 tunes.

    Cissy Strut
    Chitlins Con Carne
    I think I heard Moanin in there too

    The rest I didn’t know.