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    I divide my list into three parts and they’re always changing.

    The first are tunes I’ll never have to practice ever again and I’d still know them inside and out. Stella and All of Me come to mind. (This is the shortest list).

    The second are tunes that I know well and could play now but still need to keep them sharp, or tunes I’ve played a lot in the past but might need a quick refresher. East of the Sun and How Deep is the Ocean are on this one. (This one is also far and away the longest).

    The third are tunes that I’ve worked on but that just haven’t stuck yet. Some are new tunes that haven’t had time to simmer yet, and others are tunes that I just can never seem to remember. This list is maybe about as long as the first and is as follows:

    1 - All Or Nothing At All (A-)
    2 - Bewitched (C)
    3 - Come Rain Or Come Shine (F)
    4 - Dexterity (Bb)
    5 - Doxy (Bb)
    6 - Groovin' High (Eb)
    7 - Harmonique (Bb)
    8 - I'll Remember April (G)
    9 - I'm Getting Sentimental Over You (F)
    10 - If I Loved You (C)
    11 - If I Were A Bell (F)
    12 - Jordu (C-)
    13 - Lullaby Of Birdland (Ab)
    14 - Monk's Dream (C)
    15 - Mr. P.C. (C-)
    16 - September In The Rain (Eb)
    17 - Song Is You, The (C)
    18 - Stablemates (Db)
    19 - Time After Time (C)
    20 - Trane’s Blues (Bb)
    21 - We See (Bb)
    22 - Well You Needn't (F)
    23 - Stormy Weather (G)
    24 - Very Thought Of You, The (Ab)

    Now that I look, it’s probably time for September in the Rain, If I Loved You, and Bewitched to move up a rung. Well You Needn’t might not even belong on this list anymore. They’re always changing.


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    Quote Originally Posted by AllanAllen
    It’s funny that you write dissertations in a theory thread, but you can’t be bothered to list 8 tunes.

    Cissy Strut
    Chitlins Con Carne
    I think I heard Moanin in there too

    The rest I didn’t know.
    Sometimes I do not know either, but it always works fine.
    Both my trio and the horn band use prepared set lists for
    performances - but not printed by me; in so tiny 10 point
    font which I can't read held in front of my face under dim
    stage lighting. In the former, I call the tunes; but the latter
    I look over the pianists' shoulder at his music for which is
    next, so all is well in the world, whatever it is I am playing.

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    Second last gig of the Summer with the combo up in Dunblane. We got to nominate some tunes this time so I suggested Recado, Cry Me a River and April in Paris. I was going to do Nightingale but we skipped it. I knew the heads on everything except Nardis and Alone Together so quietly doubled up with the horns when I could. I made a bit of a mess of the B section of April in Paris but on the whole I'm pretty happy with how I took the lead on some tunes. I also took responsibility for counting in the band on most numbers so that the saxes could get their first note.

    Show Us Your Set List-westlands-140823-jpg

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    How long was the gig with 12 songs?