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    I wish I was good enough to play solo jazz guitar, but, in the meantime, I have found some luck using a looper. I have been doing this since the middle of 2015 …my sets consist of mostly original ‘loop jams’, but I also play some John Coltrane, Miles, The Meters, Stevie Wonder, etc.

    I am not going to turn the heads of accomplished jazz guitarists, but I definitely get repeat bookings at nice local venues as well as community events. I even got to open up for some cool acts such as Felix Pastorius and Hipster assassins as well as the Funky Knuckles.

    I get that the looper is seen as gimmicky by some, and I respect that opinion…but, it’s really worked out for me.

    Keeping things fresh can be a challenge, but I try to make each arrangement unique in some way - also, I switched to a Headrush Looperboard a couple years ago which allows me to run four independent loops of differing lengths. Starting the tunes with a different ‘layer’ each time can keep things interesting as well as adding and subtracting layers during the song - being able to lay a highly varied bass line under a short loop really helps things to not sound super mechanical and overly repetitive. When I play with my drummer we can vary things even more.

    Also, in the clip linked above, please excuse my slightly out of tune high F string (I am a 4ths tuner) — this gig was super rainy/humid that went from really warm to almost chilly very quickly …totally messed with my tuning! It was lovely to sit out in front of a local art gallery and play for three hours though

    Cheers folks!!


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    Very enjoyable!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chasranney
    Very enjoyable!
    Thank you!

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    Return bookings indicates you are doing something right. Keep it up!

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    Nice playing. I like looping that Stevie song too. I am not a big Instagram guy; is there some YouTube channel where I can see some more of your videos? Interested in you work with a drummer and a loop.

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    Nice playing. I see you have a few buttons to chose from on the floor!

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    When I saw the thread subject, I thought "not another karaoke looper guy", but I looked anyway. What a pleasant surprise! Some classy stuff you have going on. Proof that in the right hands, all these new toys really do have musical uses. I can see why you get those gigs.

    Thanks for sharing...


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    Very cool. What gear are you using and what is your setup?

    Do you pre-record tracks, or are they all made up on the spot?

    How many of the songs are single progressions? How do you handle songs with different sections?
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    Lovely!) And though I am not usually hooked by the tone - here the tone is especially sweet.

    May I ask what guitar is this? Looks very beautiful.

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    Thank you for checking things out and for the kind words, folks! I have really grown to love this current era of my musical life. I just played two gigs this weekend - local brewery in Pittsburgh, and then opened up for a national Phish cover band ...interesting times haha. I had my drummer for both gigs - we grew up together cracking jokes and being ridiculous, I am very fortunate to get to make music with one of my very best friends.

    @Jonah - this guitar is a Jaros, a custom builder from PA. I inherited this guitar from my dad - I went with him as a kid to the shop to pick out the wood. It's a great guitar for just about anything.

    @Dana - I use a Markbass bass amp as I have found it to give a good full range response, a Line 6 M13 for effects, and a Headrush Looperboard for all the looping.

    Most of the original jams are based off of short loops - it gives me a wide range of options to work with the harmony and layering. Also, shorter loops give a quicker return when layering so it feels very interactive. I try to think of these tunes as something that progresses in a linear fashion, almost more like electronic music, rather than using traditional song formats.

    That said, I do a few tunes where I will loop a quick click track and then play multiple sections, then drums kick in and we just go back and forth - each time I go around I try to do something different or use a different effects combination to change it up have to really be playful to make this entertaining for an audience. One tune I do this with, for example, is Cissy Strut by the Meters's a simple AB song format and I can jam on it til the cows come home. I play a lot for the jam crowd, they will never hate you for playing the Meters.

    @tbeltrans --thank you very much. it took many years of shedding on the guitar and looper to get this to a 'gig-able' state. it's very rewarding to be able to go out and play instrumental guitar gigs...i wanted to do that since i was a kid!

    @strbender - a few buttons indeed! ...i am lucky to be able to load in/out in two trips haha

    @alltunes - thanks!! you can catch me at ...i need to get some newer videos up. Here is a video of a show with my drummer - this was definitely more of a 'show' than 'guy in the corner playing guitar' gig...this place has great beer, too haha:

    @citizenk74 - thank you!! i appreciate it

    Cheers folks, thanks again for the feedback!

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    sounds good according to me.

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    Loved the playing and the guitar.Thank you

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    Thanks @itsmyname and @Archtop Guy!! I appreciate your ears and feedback