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    Played solo and in small groups(rock and jazz) the past many years. Sat in with a local big band (scaled down to twelve piece). Chart reading chops are a different thing. Funny thing was some of the tunes I thought were cheesy actually had great horn aragements.It was fun meeting some of the guys after the gig. (I had no rehearsal, it was a late sub gig). Was asked to come to rehearsal next week. I was impressed with the bass player when he asked "is that a Sadowsky Jim Hall guitar".


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    I joined a 16 piece community Big Band after I retired 10 tears ago. Reading the charts was not easy it took a few years and I'm still working at it.

    It is a lot of fun. Working the rhythm section is great when we all listen to each other. We are lucky to have a tight rhythm section.

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    I’ve agreed to sub in on guitar in a 17-piecer next wknd.

    Any suggestions on how to brush up?