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    The pandemic stopped our trio in early 2020 when we were just starting to play frequently. Since then no full rehearsals were possible and also not reasonable as gigs were not legally possible. Since then only our organ player and me got together without our drummer. Levi from Logic helped a bit but he was not a sensitive fellow and never knew to stop a song in time. ;-). The good thing was that we learned a lot of new material and even wrote our own together.
    So eventually last week we did our first rehearsal with our human drummer Martin and it was so much fun. We clicked immediately. Hopefully by the end of summer gigs will be starting again.


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    That's fantastic. My new dream band is an organ trio. In a different life, I would have went with keys instead of guitar.

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    I know the feeling! My trio plays a regular Thursday night jazz show at a local club in which my blues band also does a Sunday blues brunch. We were shut down about an hour before the first note on the last Thursday of February 2020, as was the blues jam. All of the touring acts who play there on Friday and Saturday nights were either canceled or canceled themselves, and the club was dark for about 15 months except for one day. Case rates and hospitalizations were down for a while last summer, so our state and county relaxed some restrictions and we were legally able to open for a reduced crowd with all the usual precautions (santizer, masks, distancing etc). And the club owner, who's also the bass player in the blues band, did everything possible for safety - he installed a full HEPA HVAC system, put plexi shields between seats and across dining tables, added both a sterilizing light system and a spray disinfectant setup in the ceiling that ran all night. He bought mic condoms, put wipes around the stage, added signs about everything and had the hostess reinforce it all to every patron.

    We re-opened on a Sunday. I went full wireless, with a headset boom mic and a Boss WL20. I wore a mask under the boom mic under a clear face shield, and I stayed in the far corner of the stage. Condensation was running down the inside of the shield within minutes, and I was about as uncomfortable as I'd ever been on a gig despite decent air conditioning. The audience started off well behaved but rapidly forgot everything. They were walking around the place without masks, hanging all over each other, and trying to do the same to us. I stuck it out for the 3 hour gig but decided I wasn't doing that again. I called the owner when I got home and delivered the news, but he'd already decided the same thing himself. Dark again!

    All band members have been vaccinated for at least 2 months (I got mine the end of January). We've been open again for about 6 weeks, with much better results. I still wear a mask among the crowd, and so do many of the patrons. We bring guest musicians and vocalists up after the first hour, and many of them also wear masks. After about 20 shows between my bands and touring acts, we're doing well and thrilled to be playing again. And I've been contacted again about resuming the two other regular gigs I had for years, one at a local cafe and one in a huge market in the center of Philadelphia (where I've been playing at least once a month since 1983 and outlived at least half a dozen former members of the band before Covid ).

    Stay safe - and, in the profound and immortal words of Marinero, play live!!