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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    18 year old article obviously misses multi grammy award winner Gregory Porter. But yes, it is a dying thankless genre for a male vocalist to pursue.

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    Where has jazz itself gone? That’s the overarching question.

    Then you throw in the goofy lyrics and material that they sing about these days.

    The jazz age is gone. It’s tough to be taken seriously.

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    ahh, the golden age of jazz

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    My goodness, that was a bit ribald. We need to clean things up around here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by djg
    ahh, the golden age of jazz

    Hi, D,
    What many of the younger musicians on this forum might not know is that musicians, in the past, were both musicians and entertainers. That why people paid to see them perform. Many did comedy bits between the songs, talked to the audience, and invited pretty girls on the stage when they sang a song, as an example. Some of those bands were Jimmy Lunsford, Louis Armstrong, Nat "King" Cole, Cab Calloway, Fletcher Henderson,Woody Hermann, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Eddie Jefferson, etc. and probably every local big band in the neighborhoods throughout our major cities. And, during the 60's/70's, musicians like Dizzy Gillespie, James Moody, Capt.Jack McDuff, Jimmy Smith, Gene Ammons, Art Blakey, among others, did schtick between their songs. Dizzy and Moody were the most entertaining. So, Jazz has changed from a dance venue with entertainment to a concert venue. Perhaps, it 's why so few people listen today. Play live! . . . Marinero

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    They still exist (although they're rare!)

    (That pianist is pretty amazing, BTW. Talk about playing 'in service of' the composition...)